To:        Members, Board of Supervisors


From:    Robert W. Tucker, Jr., County Executive


RE:       W. Coleman Gentry’s Request for Military Leave Pay


Date:     November 15, 2004



Captain W. Coleman Gentry, a member of the Army Reserves, was called to active military service effective June 7, 2004.   His military orders state the period of active duty will be for approximately twelve months, until June 7, 2005. 


On July 3, 2002 the Board of Supervisors amended its policy on military leave (P-83).  The change to the policy states an employee recalled under these circumstances would be paid the difference between the employee’s regular pay and the military pay for a period of six months.  The policy also allows an extension of an additional three months if requested by the employee.


In accordance with Board Policy P-83, Captain Coleman has requested the difference in pay and extension of pay.  I’ve attached a copy of Captain Gentry’s letter and recommend approval of his request by the Board.






cc:  Captain W. Coleman Gentry’s letter of June 4, 2004


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