Approval of Addendum to the 800 MHz Radio System Interjurisdictional Agreement between the County, City of Charlottesville and University of Virginia to address the Regional Data Systems Project



Approve and Authorize the County Executive to Execute the Addendum to the Interjurisdictional Agreement.



Messrs. Tucker, Davis, Foley, Trank





December 1, 2004


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In June 2003, the County, City of Charlottesville and University of Virginia entered into an Interjurisdictional Agreement setting forth their respective obligations for payment of shared capital and operating costs for the regional 800 MHz public safety radio communications system, including debt service.  The Interjurisdictional Agreement provides for the allocation of payment shares of system costs to the respective jurisdictions according to the number of public safety subscriber units required by each of those jurisdictions.  


In December 2003, the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) issued a Request for Proposals for a Mobile Data Communications System and Wireless Data Network and related services (the “Mobile Data System”).  A vendor (M/A-COM) has been selected and a purchase agreement has been negotiated, contingent upon approval and funding by the localities.  The Mobile Data System is designed to be a regional, multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional computer system for the County of Albemarle, City of Charlottesville, and University of Virginia.  It will be a system of computer hardware, networks, and software that enables data communications between public safety vehicles and the ECC.   Data transmissions between the field units and the ECC will use wireless, local area networks and the 800 MHz radio system infrastructure.  These data communications links will give public safety personnel in the field access to local and state computer databases, such as the local Wants and Warrants file and the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN).  Access to computer databases from the field will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public safety personnel.




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The ECC has received a $6 million Interoperability Communications Equipment Grant from the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, $1 million of which is earmarked to pay for infrastructure costs related to the Mobile Data System.  The County, City and University have agreed to allocate the remaining shared capital project and operating costs of the Mobile Data System according to the operating formula currently in effect for the ECC.  Future maintenance, support and operating costs of the Mobile Data System will also be allocated according to the ECC operating formula, except for purchases and maintenance of computers or other Mobile Data equipment by individual jurisdictions, which shall remain the responsibility of the purchasing jurisdiction.


Over the past several years, the County’s CIP has allocated over $1.4 million for the Mobil Data Project.  While originally planned as a County Police Department initiative, it has become a regional public safety project that will provide mobile data communications for County, City and University Police and the capacity to provide similar services for City and County Fire/Rescue.  As a result of this regional approach and the $1 million grant, the County expects to be able to more fully equip police vehicles with this new technology over the next two years within the currently allocated funding.


The attached Addendum provides that the parties agree to use the current ECC operating formula for the shared capital and operating costs for the Mobile Data System project.




Staff recommends that the Board approve the Addendum to the Interjurisdictional Agreement and authorize the County Executive or his designee to execute the Addendum on its behalf.




Addendum to Interjurisdictional Agreement

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