FEBRUARY 9, 2005





3:30 P.M., MEETING ROOM 235




1.         Call to Order.

2.         Work Session:  Business Plan.

3.         Recess.



6:00 P.M., MEETING ROOM 242



4.         Reconvene.

5.         Pledge of Allegiance.

6.         Moment of Silence.

7.         From the Public:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda. 

8.         Consent Agenda (on next page).

9.         ZMA-2004-00021. Delta Kappa Epsilon at UVA (Sign #92).  Request to rezone 0.22 acs, which is currently unzoned, to R-6 to allow expansion of boarding house (fraternity house).  TM 76A P C5. Loc at 173 Culbreth Rd behind Campbell Hall at the University of Virginia. (The Comp Plan designates this property as Institutional in Neighborhood 6.)  Jack Jouett Dist.

10.        CPA-2004-0006. Stormwater Master Plan.   Proposal to amend the Natural Resources and Cultural Assets component of the Comp Plan by adding a stormwater master plan that identifies stream resources to be protected & restored as development occurs, regional stormwater facilities, & watershed projects that can be implemented in conjunction with development; provides guidance for land use planning & neighborhood master planning; & promotes public & private stormwater solutions based on needs & opportunities at the watershed scale.

11.        CPA-2003-006. Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan Amendment.  Proposal to amend the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan by adding Chapter 4, Rural Areas.  Chapter 4 would describe the existing rural areas, the history of land use policies for the rural areas, & trends in rural areas land use & development; establish a vision for the rural areas within Albemarle County; identify guiding principles for the rural areas & land uses therein; establish policies, objectives & strategies for achieving desired land use patterns, density & residential development for the rural areas; establish policies, objectives & strategies for infrastructure & providing community services within the rural areas; & establish policies, objectives & strategies towards using & developing fiscal tools that will enable the County & its citizens to fulfill the guiding principles & achieve the policies & objectives of Chapter 4.  

12.        From the Board:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

13.        Adjourn.




C O N S E N T   A G E N D A





8.1        Approval of Minutes:  May 5, October 13 and October 27, 2004.


8.2        Amendment of Personnel Policy Manual Adoption of resolution establishing Employee Recognition Policy.


8.3        Barry E. and Tracy M. Meade, Deed of Dedication Agreement Rivanna Greenway.




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