New Guidelines for Considering Enhanced Fines for Speeding



Adoption guidelines  for neighborhoods to request enhanced fines for speeding



Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade






March 2, 2005


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The Board of Supervisors, at their June 2, 2004 meeting, approved a resolution requesting VDOT to designate Morgantown Road for enhanced speeding violation fines and to install signage alerting motorists of the enhanced fines.  The enhanced fines can be up to $200 for exceeding the established speed limit. At that time, the Board of Supervisors also requested staff to bring back to the Board guidelines for considering future requests.




3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.




VDOT has established criteria to consider roads for this program (Attachment A).  Staff has reviewed the VDOT criteria, and has conferred with the County Police Department to identify if any requirements in addition to VDOTís criteria should be established to govern local review.  Based on these discussions, staff proposes the following guidelines, along with the attached VDOT criteria, be used to consider future requests:


1.  The request must meet the VDOT criteria for this program.


2.   A petition requesting the use of enhanced speeding violation fines shall be submitted and signed by at least 75% of the total occupied households (or businesses) along the impacted street segment.  (This is a fairly typical criterion that VDOT uses for similar programs (traffic calming, cut-through traffic restrictions) to ascertain public support for the proposal.)  In certain unique situations, alternate methods for determining public support may be necessary or more appropriate.


3. The request must identify an area deemed critical to public safety, such as areas where uses like schools, daycare centers, public park/playgrounds, and/or areas of high pedestrian/bicycle traffic are located.


4.  Other methods for controlling speeding (traffic calming, neighborhood outreach/education, etc.) must have been considered or pursued and determined not to reasonably address the speeding and safety issues prior to establishing enhanced fines for speeding.  Community Development staff will work with VDOT and the neighborhood to insure that the other possible methods of controlling speed have been considered and pursued, if appropriate.


5. A meeting with the residents and Community Development Department and Police staff (and VDOT, as necessary) shall be held to discuss the residentsí concerns, the enhanced fine for speeding program, and the review process.  Upon completing this step, staff will determine whether representatives for the petitioners wish to continue to pursue the request.

Upon completion of this step, staff will review the request and forward a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors with an appropriate resolution for the Boardís consideration.  No public hearing shall be held by the Board unless the Board determines that a public hearing is necessary based on the information provided.


Items 4 and 5 above are proposed to ensure that residents understand the policy and the review process and the potential limitations of the enhanced speeding program and have an opportunity to provide input.  It is important for residents to understand that the program imposes increased fines, but does not necessarily imply an enhanced level of enforcement on the street.  Staff believes these guidelines, along with the VDOT criteria, will provide an effective process for future requests. 



Staff recommends the Board of Supervisors approve the proposed guidelines.


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