ACE; appraisals for the Year 2003-04 applicant pool



Reject appraisals for two properties in the Year 2003-04 applicant pool and authorize reappraisal of all four properties in that applicant pool



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Cilimberg, Benish, Goodall





March 16, 2005


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Four properties were appraised for the Year 2003-04 applicant pool (see Attachment “A”, the Bieker, Shifflett, Hill and Page properties).  In August 2004, the appraisals were completed and sent to the Appraisal Review Committee (the “ARC”) for review as required under the ACE Ordinance.  Ultimately, the ARC accepted the appraisals for the Bieker and Shifflett properties, but rejected the appraisals for the Hill and Page properties.  Though the ARC believed that the Hill and Page appraisals were consistent with the appropriate appraisal guidelines and practices as required under ACE Ordinance § A.1-106(B), it believed that the Hill and Page properties were undervalued and that specific “comparables” were not given sufficient weight in the evaluations.  After much discussion with the ARC, Hallmark Properties respectfully declined to revise the appraisals, again stating that “qualified analysts often disagree in value estimates”.  


The Board approved the Bieker and Shifflett appraisals on December 1, 2004.  Staff sent an invitation to offer to sell to Mr. Bieker in January.  In late January 2005, the County mailed out the new real estate assessments.  Because of some unresolved issues and the uncertainty in the appraisals for the entire Year 2003-04 applicant pool discussed below, staff has delayed sending an invitation to offer to sell to the Shiffletts.  On February 2, 2005, the ACE Committee met to discuss the appraisals for the Year 2003-04 applicant pool.



Goal 2.1 – “Protect and/or preserve the County’s rural character”

Goal 2.2 – “Protect and/or preserve the County’s natural resources”



At its February 2, 2005 meeting, the ACE Committee (the “Committee”) considered a number of options to allow the Year 2003-04 applicant pool to proceed.  Mr. Bieker attended the meeting and commented that the value of his land in the ACE appraisal was approximately 75% of its assessed value in the new real estate assessments.    


With respect to the appraisals for the Hill and Page properties, the Committee supported the ARC’s recommendation that the Board reject those appraisals.  With respect to the Bieker and Shifflett applications, the Committee recommended that the applicants be given the option to either proceed with the existing appraisals or to request that their lands be reappraised.  Some Committee members were concerned that if two of the four appraisals in the applicant pool were rejected because the ARC determined that the properties were undervalued, there would be a public perception that all four appraisals may have undervalued the properties.  


The deadline by which Mr. Bieker was requested to submit an offer to sell an easement to the County has long since passed.  Under ACE Ordinance § A.1-111(I), the failure to submit an offer to sell would remove the applicant from the applicant pool.  Staff also has spoken to the Shiffletts, who have expressed concerns that their appraisal was low, and Henry Page, who stated that he would like to have his property reappraised.  Note that reappraisal would not assure that the new appraised values will either be higher than those in the existing appraisals or greater than the properties’ assessed values. 



Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors: (i) reject the appraisals of the Hill and Page properties, as recommended by the ARC and the Committee; (ii) authorize the reappraisal of all four properties in the Year 2003-04 applicant pool unless an applicant decides to drop out of the applicant pool or, in the case of Mr. Bieker or the Shiffletts, they elect to proceed with their existing appraisal, provided the election is made before the reappraisal process begins; and (iii) waive ACE Ordinance § A.1-111(I) and allow Mr. Bieker to remain in the Year 2003-04 applicant pool if he does not elect to drop out.



Attachment A – Preliminary Ranking Order for Year 2003-04 Applicant Pool


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