ArtInPlace Program Presentation




Information regarding proposal for expansion of the ArtInPlace Program into the County.




Tucker, Davis, White, Mullaney





April 6, 2005


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ArtInPlace is a local non-profit corporation established to make art accessible to the general public.  Over the past several years, ArtInPlace has worked with the City of Charlottesville in establishing sites to display outdoor sculptures with a wide range of artistic styles, themes and media.  Locations in the City which have been selected for public sculpture are in areas of high vehicular traffic.  Each year, 10 works are selected for exhibition.  Each installation is in place for one year.  This program of temporary exhibitions is designed to provide interesting art to drivers in their travels about the City.  This program was funded initially with a grant from the City of Charlottesville and has been maintained by corporate sponsorships, commissions from the sale of artwork, and an annual grant from the City of approximately $5,000 to help defray basic costs.  ArtInPlace is interested in developing a suitable variation of this program for expansion to County sites if the County Board of Supervisors is generally supportive of this expansion.  Supporters of ArtInPlace will make a brief presentation, regarding their proposal, to the Board of Supervisors on April 6th.




Goal: 1.1 – Create accessible opportunities for everyone in the community to learn, ensuring all educational services meet the needs of the changing demographics within the community.


Goal: 3.3 – Develop and implement policies that address the county’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the county.




The primary difference between the current City program and a proposed program for the County is the VDOT ownership and maintenance of the medians in the County.  While the County currently has a permit with VDOT which allows an expanded level of maintenance on selected median strips, any work not currently under permit will require approval from VDOT.  In addition, other differences such as the speed of traffic along County medians could influence the suitability of the display both in terms of the enjoyment and safety of the traveling public.  County staff discussed these issues with ArtInPlace representatives who recommended that median strip projects could be limited to landscape designs while sculpture displays could be targeted for other high traffic County owned properties such as the County Office Buildings and County parks.  The issue of County liability as a result of this program will need to be investigated.  The City currently leases the property to ArtInPlace where any sculpture is to be located for liability protection.  Also, the potential future cost of this program to the County needs to be calculated.  For instance, if landscape improvements to the median strips require an enhanced level of maintenance, it is anticipated that the County would be responsible for those ongoing costs.  It is the intent of ArtInPlace to seek funding for an intern position this summer to develop the details of expanding the ArtInPlace program into the County.  This intern would work closely with the Parks and Recreation Department and other appropriate County staff to develop a proposal for review by ArtInPlace and the County Board of Supervisors.



No budget impact is anticipated in the current fiscal year.  A minimal budget impact would be anticipated, if approved, in the second half of FY 05/06.  The full budget impact anticipated in FY 06/07 is dependent on the landscape project selection and will be estimated during the intern study and included in the finished proposal.




The ArtInPlace presentation is for the Board’s information and comment only and requires no Board action at this time. 


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