MAY 4, 2005

9:00 A.M., MEETING ROOM 241






1.         Call to Order.

2.         Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Moment of Silence.

4.         From the Public:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda. 

5.         Presentations: 

            a.         Certificate of Appreciation.

            b.         Resolution by Delegate Mitch Van Yahres.

6.         Consent Agenda (on next page).

7.         9:15 a.m. - Transportation Matters:

            a.         Discussion:  Meadow Creek Parkway/CATEC Impacts.

            b.         Discussion:  Reclassification of East Rio Road as Arterial Highway/Establish Rio East as Entrance

                        Corridor Overlay District.

            c.         Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

8.         10:15 a.m. – Presentation:  Hazard Mitigation Plan, Thomas Jefferson Planning Dist Commission.


10:35 a.m. - Recess


9.         10:45 a.m. - Presentation of the Assets for Youth Report, Saphira Baker.

10.        11:00 a.m. – Annual Real Estate Reassessment Report.

11.        11:20 a.m.  - FY05 Third Quarter Financial Report.


11:35 a.m. – Recess for County Day


12.        12:10 p.m. - Closed Session.

13.        Certify Closed Session.

14.        Appointments to Boards and Commissions.

15.        1:45 p.m. Presentation:  League of Women Voters’ Report on Rivanna Authorities.


2:00 p.m. – Public Hearings:

16.        FY 2005 Budget Amendment.

17.        Ordinance to add Article V, Private Ground Water Well Testing to require that new private ground water wells proposed to serve as the primary potable water supply for a structure be tested for four petroleum-related pollutants as a condition precedent to the issuance of a building permit; wells whose contamination levels exceed the applicable standards could not serve as the primary potable water supply for the structure.  The proposed ordinance would apply only in those areas of the county where the release or discharge of petroleum from leaking underground storage tanks has been confirmed by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and such an area remains an active contamination area, as that term is defined in the ordinance.  The proposed ordinance also would identify the contaminants to be tested, the applicable standards for those contaminants, sampling and testing methods and services, and reporting requirements. 

18.        SP-2004-02. Charlottesville Kingdom Hall (Sign #34). Request to allow Church in accord w/Secs & of the Zoning Ord which allow for Churches. TM 76, Ps 51 & 52A3, contain 3.685 acs. Znd R-2 & R-4 respectively. Loc on Old Lynchburg Rd (Rt 631), at intersec of Old Lynchburg Rd & Sunset Avd Extd.  Scottsville Dist.

19.        SP-2004-057. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Sign #59). Request to allow church construction in accord w/Sec of the Zoning Ord which allows for churches in RA. TM 32, P 17 contains portion of 5.14 acs. Znd RA. (It is this portion that will be reviewed for this SUP.) Loc at 1651 Airport Rd. Rio Dist.


20.        2:30 p.m. - Cate Wyatt, Journey Through Hallowed Ground.

21.        2:45 p.m. - Work Session:  Affordable Housing Implementation Recommendations.

22        3:15 p.m. - Discussion:  Northern Development Areas Master Plan Project Status Report.

23.        Cancel May 11, 2005 Board meeting.

24.        From the Board:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

25.        Adjourn.



C O N S E N T   A G E N D A






6.1        Approval of Minutes:  June 9, 2004.


6.2        Set public hearing for June 1, 2005 on an Ordinance to amend the County Code, Chapter 15, Taxation,
Article XIV, Enhanced Emergency Telephone Service Tax – E-911. 


6.3        Acquisition of Conservation Easements (ACE) Preliminary Ranking Order for FY 2004-05.


6.4        Proclamation recognizing May 15 through May 21, 2005 as Emergency Medical Services Week.


6.5        Proclamation recognizing May 12, 2005 as Police Memorial Day.


6.6        Authorize County Executive to execute Howardsville River Access Lease Agreement.


6.7        Formation of Natural Heritage Committee.


6.8        Resolution to accept road(s) in Beckoning Ridge Subdivision into the State Secondary System of Highways.


6.9        Historic Preservation Committee requests pertaining to current legislation, re:  changes to Section 106 of
             the Historic Preservation Act and tax incentives for conservation easements.


6.10      Timetable for FY06/07-FY10/11 Strategic Plan.


6.11      Park View Senior Apartments at South Pantops Subsidy Request.   






6.12      2004 Quarterly and Year End Albemarle County Building Reports as prepared by the Department of Community Development.


6.13      Draft copy of Planning Commission minutes for March 15, 2005.


6.14      VDOT monthly report for May, 2005.


6.15      Comparative Report of Local Government Revenues and Expenditures for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2004 as provided by the Auditor of Public Accounts (on file in Clerk's office).


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