JUNE 1, 2005

9:00 A.M., MEETING ROOM 241




1.         Call to Order.

2.         Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Moment of Silence.

4.         From the Public:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda. 

5.         Recognitions:

            a.         Proclamation recognizing June as Homeownership Month.

            b.         Recognition of Crozet Master Plan by the Council on New Urbanism (CNU).

6.         Consent Agenda (on next page).

7.         9:15 a.m. - Board to Board Presentation – School Board Chairman

8.         9:30 a.m. - Transportation Matters:

            a.         Update on status of Rural Rustic Roads projects.

            b.         Update on Route 795 (Blenheim Road) Improvements.

            c.         Other Transportation Matters.

9.        10:15 a.m. - Overview of Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Robb.

10.      10:30 a.m. - Update by PEC, Rex Linville.

10:40 a.m. - Recess

11.        10:50 a.m. - Discussion:  Remaining FY 2005/06 Budget issues:

            a.         Emergency Medical Services to the Southern Rural Area.

            b.         Outstanding Budget Issues.

12.        11:10 a.m. - Strategic Plan Quarterly Progress Report.

13.        11:30 a.m.Discussion:  Community Development Update and Process Improvement.

14.        12:00 noon - Closed Session.

15.        Certify Closed Session.

16.        Boards and Commissions:

            a.         Vacancies/Appointments.

            b.         Proposed terms of office and term limits.


2:00 p.m. – Public Hearings:

17.        An Ordinance to amend Chapter 2, Administration, of the Albemarle County Code, to amend Section 2-202, Compensation of board of supervisors, to increase the compensation of board of supervisor members by 4.4% effective July 1, 2005 from $12,467.00 per annum to $13,016.00 annum.  

18.        An Ordinance to amend section 15-1400, Enhanced emergency telephone service tax – Levy and rate; effective date; exemptions, of the Albemarle County Code, to increase the monthly Emergency-911 fee from two dollars ($2.00) to three dollars ($3.00) for each access line, as authorized by Virginia Code Section 58.1-3813.1.  The ordinance would also specify that amounts collected can be used to pay for costs incurred in training dispatchers and direct call-takers, as authorized by Virginia Code Section 58.1-3813.1(F). 

19.        Thomas Jefferson Planning Dist Regional Hazardous Mitigation Plan – Request for approval of the Albemarle County portion of the region’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, developed by the Thomas Jefferson Planning Dist Commission. The Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies actions to be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk to human life & property from natural disasters. The Plan was prepared w/input from the Charlottesville U.Va. Albemarle Emergency Services Center & Albemarle County staff.  Possible mitigation options are cataloged under: Education & Outreach; Policy, Planning & Funding; Information and Data Development; & Structural Improvements. 

20.        SP-2005-003. Footnotes Dance Studio (Signs #71&72). Request to allow private ballet school in accord w/Sec of the Zoning Ord which allows for priv schools in the CO Dist. This request would amend SP-96-48, which permitted a priv dance school at this location. TM 61W P 1 B-2, contains .525 acs. Znd CO. Loc on W side of Commonwealth Dr (Rt 1315) at intersec of Commonwealth Dr & Westfield Road (Rt 1452).  Rio Dist. 

21.        SP-2005-005. PetsMart (Sign #35).   Request to allow 2,500 sq ft of a 23,000 sq-ft retail bldg located in Hollymead Town Center for veterinary clinic, grooming facility & periodic pet adoption services in accord w/Sec(s) 25A.2.2-1, 22.2.2-5 & 24.2.2-4 of the Zoning Ord, which allows for veterinary office & hospital use in a PD-MC, C-1 & HC Dist(s). TM 32 P 43, contains 2,000 sq ft. Znd PD-MC & EC. Loc on W side of US Rt 29 N, approx 1/4 mile S of intersec w/Airport Rd & across from the Forest Lakes Shopping Center. Rio Dist.

22.        SP-2004-051. Free Union Church of the Brethren (Sign #36).  Request to allow expansion of existing church, Free Union Church of the Brethren, in accord w/Sec 10.2.2(35) of the Zoning Ord which allows for churches. TM 29, Ps 57, 58, & 59B, contains 2.5 acs. Znd RA. Loc at 4152 Free Union Rd (Rt 601), approx 1,000 ft S of its intersec w/Willington Rd (Rt 665). White Hall Dist. 


23.        From the Board:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

24.        Adjourn.





C O N S E N T   A G E N D A







6.1        Approval of Minutes:  July 7, 2004; January 5, January 12(A), January 19(A), March 3(A), March 14(A), March 16(A),
            and March 16(N), 2005.


6.2        Lake Albemarle Child At Play sign (Westover Drive).


6.3        Resolution supporting rail service in Virginia.


6.4        Revisions to Personnel Policies:  P-05 “Criminal Convictions/Motor Vehicle Violations”.


6.5        Revisions to Personnel Policies: P-90 “Family and Medical Leave Act”.


6.6        Thomas Jefferson HOME Consortium Allocation of FY 2005 Funds.


6.7        Deferral Program for real estate taxes.


6.8        Resolution of Intent to amend Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance, re:  Affordable Housing Policy


6.9        Set public hearing on an ordinance to amend Chapter 10, Offenses-Miscellaneous, of the Albemarle County Code,
            to prohibit certain activities on public roadways and medians.




6.10      Copy of letter dated April 26, 2005 from John Shepherd, Manager of Zoning Administration, to Agnes Shiflett, re:  Official Determination of Development Rights and Parcels – Tax Map 56, Parcel 1 and Tax Map 55, Parcel 47 (property of Agnes Shiflett and Chester C. Shiflett) - Section 10.3.1. 


6.11      VDOT monthly report for June, 2005.


6.12      Copy of draft Planning Commission minutes for April 26 and May 10, 2005.



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