Albemarle County Historic Preservation Committee


Database Subcommittee

Action Plan, April 27, 2005


Priority Recommendation #2: Compile and maintain a current and comprehensive information base for Albemarle County's historic resources. This database should include, but is not limited to, the following: Identification of all historic sites by tax map and parcel number; maintenance of a map of potential prehistoric archaeological sites, and ready accessibility to all Virginia Department of Historic Resources historic survey inventory data on Albemarle County resources. This information base should be consulted so that historic resources may be fully considered in the County's development review process, and should be made easily available to interested citizens for educational and informational purposes. This information base should also be coordinated with the County's GIS system.



Volunteer Members: Garth Anderson, Chris Devine, Benjamin Ford (Chair), Jillian Galle.



In mid-November of 2004, the Database Subcommittee was informed by County IT officials that the server currently used to run the Cityview software would not be able to handle the quantity of data (text and image) that the Database Subcommittee had intended it to. The Database Subcommittee was also informed that only a minimum of 10 historic resource information fields could appear on the current Cityview software interface.


In late November of 2004, the Database Subcommittee recognized that 10 database fields was not an adequate means of tracking, identifying and providing information on the County’s historic resources. They therefore made a recommendation to the County HPC that it pursue building a separate historic resources database through MS Access. Once the new database was close to being finished, it could then be transformed into an SQL base. The Database Subcommittee also recommended that the County should pursue having this interim MS Access database on the existing IT server so that it can be accessible beyond the Historic Preservation Planner’s computer.


In late November of 2004, the Database Subcommittee worked with Julie Mahon to devise a minimum number of database fields that would appear on the existing Cityview software that would be linked to Tax Map/Parcel information.




·         Julie Mahon is currently enrolled in an MS Access database class at Piedmont Virginia Community College, to be completed in May. At the end of the class, Julie will have constructed the base for the historic resources database.


Future Assignments

·         Julie Mahon will make a brief presentation to the Database Subcommittee, bringing them up to date on the status of the MS Access database she has constructed. (The presentation is tentatively scheduled for late May, 2005.)

·         After the presentation, the full Database Subcommittee will be responsible for reviewing the database, evaluating the progress made, and making recommendations to complete database construction. (Recommendations to be completed in early June 2005.)


Funding Requests

It is likely that the Database Subcommittee will recommend to the County that it pursue a line item in a future budget for 1) purchasing a new server devoted exclusively to the Historic Resources database, 2) purchasing document imaging software that will enable the interim Access database to be completed, and 3) allocating additional funds to hire a professional consultant to assist in building the MS Access database. Exact funding figures have not yet been established. Cost of a server is anticipated to be in the $ 6,000 – 8,000 range. Outside funding sources for the dedicated server will be pursued only as an alternative to County funding.


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