Albemarle County Historic Preservation Committee


Heritage Education Subcommittee

Action Plan, April, 2005


Priority Recommendations #7. Foster community pride, good citizenship, and stewardship of the County’s historic resources through heritage education programs, beginning with the creation of educational/informational brochures on various County historic preservation issues, including state and national register listing, tax incentives, County policy, etc.

Priority Recommendation #8. The Historic Preservation Committee should work with other organizations to initiate and implement community events for Albemarle County that recognize our historic resources. These events should be coordinated with other statewide heritage tourism activities and National Preservation Week.



Volunteer Members: Lowry Abell, Garth Anderson, Christine S. Devine (Chair), Jillian Galle, Charles Gay, Jennifer Hallock, Martha Hill, Dave Phillips.



The Heritage Education Subcommittee is working on implementing several programs as a means of accomplishing the goals identified in the priority recommendations.  During the last two months, the subcommittee has focused its energies on organizing an exhibit and speakers to highlight Historic Preservation Month in Albemarle County.  The subcommittee has arranged for Dr. Barbara Heath, Director of Archaeology and Landscapes at Poplar Forest, to present her research on the interaction of slave communities with local merchants in central Virginia at the Senior Center in Charlottesville, Virginia on Tuesday, May 24th.  Along with Dr. Heath’s discussion, Ms. Sara Lee Barnes, Chair of Albemarle County’s Historic Preservation Committee, will present the Committee’s survey of local country stores and their importance to the County’s history.  The Heritage Education Subcommittee is currently working on a country stores exhibit that will be displayed at this presentation and later at the County office building.


The subcommittee is also working with staff to include information on the County web site regarding the identification and preservation of historic buildings, and appropriate contact information. The subcommittee hopes to have this information available on the web site by July.  Along with this project, the subcommittee has completed a draft of a brochure that explains to property owners the various organizations and guides available to help renovate and preserve historic properties.  During the summer, the subcommittee will begin planning other activities for the fall and winter, such as bringing in speakers from the National Trust and other preservation organizations to explain to the Board of Realtors and other interested groups the various incentives for pursing the preservation of historic sites and structures. 


Funding Requests

The subcommittee successfully acquired the financial support of several co-sponsors for this year’s Preservation Month activities. The Committee would like financial support from the County for future activities. The subcommitee plans to establish by August, 2005 a projected budget to finance such activities.


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