FY 07 – FY 11 Strategic Plan Work Session #1




Direction from Board regarding identified priorities for the FY 07 – FY 11 Strategic Plan



Tucker, Foley, White, Davis, Benish, Cilimberg, Graham, Allshouse





January 4, 2006


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On September 9, 2005, the Board initiated the development of the County’s FY 06/07 – FY 10/11 strategic plan.  After reviewing additional analysis of the 2004 citizen survey results, County data, and information about the county’s progress toward current strategic goals/objectives, the Board 1) reviewed the County’s Vision and Mission statements, 2) identified five goals for inclusion in the FY 06/07 – FY  10/11 Strategic Plan, and 3) identified and voted on top priorities.  These priorities were to be developed into detailed and clear objective statements by staff for further review with the Board.   


On November 2, 2005, the Board reviewed the written results of the retreat and made several suggestions to further clarify their statements for staff.  On December 6, the Board received an updated Executive Summary that included the recommendations made by the Board during their November 2nd meeting.


A strategic plan work session to begin to review staff’s detailed analysis of the priority issues and to provide further direction to staff was planned to take place in December. It was rescheduled for January 4th in order for all Board members to be in attendance.


In addition to the January 4th work session, future work sessions have been slated for February and April for the Board to have the opportunity to thoroughly review staff work on priority items, so that the plan will be clarified, completed and in place in July 2006.


After the work sessions are completed, the draft strategic plan is slated to be completed in May. There will be a 30 day public review period prior to the Board approving the plan July 5, 2006.



Development of the FY 07 – FY 11 Strategic Plan



To finalize the upcoming Strategic Plan, staff desires to hold work sessions with the Board early in the process to provide additional analysis on the priority issues and to receive more specified direction from the Board. The intended result is for each of the FY 07 – FY 11 Strategic Plan objective statements to be clear, actionable, and results-oriented to best focus and drive staff’s strategic efforts in the years ahead. 


A strategic plan “objective statement” should include a due date and a percentage or number objective to help in the evaluation of its success. To provide clarity and focused effort, the objective statement should also include the word “increase”, “reduce” or “maintain.”


In preparation for Board work sessions, staff collects and analyzes information, identifies the strategic components for each priority and prepares recommendations for the Board’s consideration. The results of staff analysis will be presented to the Board in a brief “white paper” format. Each white paper will include a recommended “objective statement” for the Board to consider for approval for each of the identified priorities.


For the January 4 work session, staff has prepared a white paper (Attachment B) on the following Board priority:


Goal:  Protect Natural Resources


Priority:  Increase land in conservation easements by 50% in 4 years in all ways – using both public and private sources and the use of educational means.



The Strategic Planning Retreats are held in the fall of each year so that the results of the Retreat are obtained prior to the development of the County’s recommended budget. Since we are in the last year of the current plan and are preparing the FY 07 – FY 11 plan, the Board’s identified priorities will provide direction during this upcoming budget cycle.



Staff recommends that the Board review the attach documents and provide direction to staff regarding the recommended wording for the objective statement on conservation easements.   



Attachment A - Retreat Results

Attachment B - Conservation Easement priority “white paper"
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