ZMA-2004-017 Wickham Pond  



Weather Hill Development, LLC has requested a rezoning from Rural Area, R-A zoning district, to Neighborhood Model – NMD for 107 residential units of a property located at 5023 Three Notch’d Road, Route 240, (also known as Last Nickel Farm).



Cilimberg, Benish, Echols, Grant





December 14, 2005


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On October 12, 2005, the Board of Supervisors reviewed the rezoning request by Weather Hill Development, LLC at a public hearing. During this meeting, the Board requested the following additional information: The level of service for traffic on Route 240, plans for Eastern Avenue, impact on infrastructure, and the long term maintenance and cost of the stormwater facility. The Board also requested discussion with the Director of Housing regarding the affordable housing proffer. The item was deferred until December 7, 2005.




Level of Service on Route 240


The applicant has submitted a traffic study completed by the Renaissance Planning Group, which has been reviewed by staff and VDOT. The Renaissance Planning Group worked collaboratively with others to complete the Crozet Development Area Master Plan. The attached memo describes the parameters by which the study was completed and explains the results of the study. (See Attachment A)


The Renaissance Group has concluded that with the addition of the future Wickham Pond traffic all intersections evaluated will have acceptable levels of service (LOS) except the intersection of Route 240 and Route 250 east. As stated in the attached memo, this intersection’s 2010 LOS will be an “F” both with and without the Wickham Pond traffic. Staff and VDOT have reviewed additional information given by the applicant and all parties agree that the impact of Wickham Pond equates to 6.8% of the delay at this intersection.


As to the section of Route 240 serving Wickham Pond, the applicant provided an analysis of volume to capacity ratio (V/C) instead of LOS.  The attached memo compares the existing V/C ratio for Route 240, the Wickham Pond build out V/C ratio and the Crozet Master Plan V/C ratio. In conclusion, no V/C ratio would be over 1.00 on any of the analyzed road segments with a Wickham Pond build out, an acceptable result.


Eastern  Avenue


The Crozet Master Plan recommends the construction of Eastern Avenue. Eastern Avenue includes a bridge over Lickinghole Creek, a bridge or underpass to cross the CSX tracks to the north, and numerous connections to neighborhood streets. The Master Plan states that the private sector should be responsible for funding and building Eastern Avenue with the exception of Lickinghole Creek bridge.  In terms of the private sector building Eastern Avenue, staff anticipates that this will occur as development occurs in the areas where Eastern Avenue is proposed. The areas where Eastern Avenue would be built have not begun to develop as yet. Some may be subject to re-zoning in the future. Eastern Avenue design, engineering and ultimate bridge construction are not currently included in the County’s CIP and are subject to transportation funding decisions still to be made by the Board.


Stormwater Facility   


The maintenance and cost of the stormwater facility is the responsibility of the applicant. During the site plan process, the applicant is required to submit a maintenance agreement for the stormwater facility.  The County requires the applicant submit an easement dedicated to public use regarding the stormwater facility in case the County should ever need to take over the facility at some point in the future; however, it is not the County’s intent to be responsible for stormwater facilities located in private developments. The applicant is in the process of purchasing the adjacent property which shares the pond that will be used for the stormwater facility. A rezoning request has recently been submitted for Wickham Pond II.


Affordable Housing


The Director of Housing previously provided a Grow Smart article called Accessory Apartments: An Affordable Housing Strategy electronically to the Board. (See Attachment B) The Director has been invited and plans to attend the Board meeting so that there can be additional discussion regarding the affordable housing proffer.        



Previously the Planning Commission and staff recommended approval of the rezoning with the offered proffers. The purpose of this summary is to give the Board the information requested during its October 12th public hearing.



Attachment A:  December 6, 2005 Memo from Juandiego Wade

Attachment B:  Grow Smart article: Accessory Apartments: An Affordable Housing Strategy
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