Schulyer Country Store SP 2005-24



SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST:  The applicant has requested a Special Use Permit to allow for the construction of an approximately 1,800 square foot (60’ x 30’) country store. 




STAFF: Amy Ransom Arnold







February 1, 2006



OWNER / CONTRACT PURCHASER: Brenda and Robert Moon 


PROPOSAL: The applicant has requested a Special Use Permit to allow for the construction of an approximately 1,800 square foot (60’ x 30’) country store with a single entry drive onto Schuyler Road, a parking area (totaling approximately 120’ x 400’), and an area for the outdoor display and sale of plants (approximately 40’ x 130’).  The proposed hours of operation for the store are from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.  The one-story store building is proposed as a board and batten, shed roofed structure with a front porch, similar to the 12 x 24 foot storage building currently located in the northeast portion of the site. 


BACKGROUND: The property, described as Tax Map 126 Parcel 34, contains 2.699 acres, and is designated Rural Area 4 under the Comprehensive Plan.  The parcel is located at 8429 Schuyler Road (Route 800), approximately 1,200 feet north of the intersection of Route 800 and Howardsville Turnpike (Route 602) in the Scottsville Magisterial District.  The parcel was the site of the T.L. Beasley Store, a country store that served the local community from the 1940’s until the 1970’s.  The original store building was damaged by fire in April of 2000 and subsequently razed in 2003.  


DISCUSSION/FINDINGS: Country stores as a rural tradition and as the center of cross roads communities is a development feature fundamental to Albemarle County’s Rural Areas.  The re-establishment of a country store use on this site preserves historic land patterning and supports the proliferation of the culture of the country store.  The Rural Area Plan also includes a strategy to establish crossroad communities that would be viable in meeting the goal of providing limited services to the immediate surrounding area of the crossroads community without creating strip development, and identifies historical sites or potential historical sites as guides for decisions on the location of uses in crossroads communities.  The Schuyler Country Store would re-establish rural-scale services at this location without creating a de facto growth area. 


RECOMMENDATION: Staff has reviewed this request for compliance with the provisions of Section of the zoning ordinance and recommends approval, based on consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, subject to conditions of approval.


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