Lease Amendment:  Charlottesville Waldorf School in Crozet



Public hearing to consider the amendment of the Lease for the Old Crozet Elementary School building by the Charlottesville Waldorf School.



Tucker, Foley, Davis







February 1, 2006


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The County currently leases the old Crozet Elementary School building to the Charlottesville Waldorf School (CWS) for its use as a private school.   The original Lease was entered into in July of 1999 for a term of up to six years.  In 2004, the Lease term was extended to July of 2006 because the CWS plans for building its facility in Charlottesville had been delayed.  CWS is now requesting an extension of the Lease to July 2007 with an option for one additional six month extension.  This request is necessitated by additional delays that CWS’s has encountered in its efforts to build its own facility.


Virginia Code § 15.2-1800 requires the County to hold a public hearing prior to leasing County property.  A public hearing  is required to be held prior to an approval of the proposed amendment to the existing Lease.




Goal 4.2 Fund County services in a fair, efficient manner and provide needed public facilities and infrastructure.




When the Board agreed to extend the lease in 2004, the Building Committee of the Board determined that because there were no definite plans for the reuse of the facility, continuation of the lease was appropriate.  While the Building Committee has not specifically met regarding this extension, the situation has not changed over the past year and a half to two years. The County is still in the process of determining the ultimate use of this site.  While the site has been considered as a possible location for the future Crozet Library, through public input resulting from development of the Crozet master plan, the ultimate location of the library has been targeted for the immediate “downtown” area of Crozet.  In addition to becoming an “anchor” for the development of “downtown”, its location will also have a positive economic impact on the area by drawing residents to the primary business location in Crozet.  This is expected to have a positive impact on the business community and the success of Crozet as a whole.  Given that the library is not targeted for the old school site, staff does not believe that an extension of the Lease to July 2007, with a possible extension to January 2008, will conflict with developing plans for the building’s reuse.  In addition, the lease extension will allow the County to continue generating rent from the facility and avoid having the building be vacant while plans for its reuse are being developed.


Supervisor Wyant has indicated that it may be appropriate that the building be available for community use one weekend day per month if the Lease is extended.  The proposed amendment to extend the Lease permits the County to reserve and use the auditorium and restroom facilities in the building one weekend day per month.  This will provide an opportunity for the County to accommodate community use of the property during the Lease term if appropriate uses are identified. 


The proposed Lease Amendment is attached. {Attachment A}  It provides for the current Lease to be extended from July of 2006 to July of 2007 with the option to extend the Lease to January 2008 if a written request for the extension is made prior to January 1, 2007.  In addition, the Lease Amendment sets forth the terms and conditions for the County to use the auditorium in the building one weekend day per month



The proposed Lease Amendment would extend the rent for the property on the same terms as the original Lease.  The current annual rent is $55,824.00 ($4,652.00 per month).  The rent increases annually by an amount equal to the annual percentage increase in the CPI Index plus $3,000.  In addition, the occupancy of the building by CWS reduces the County’s maintenance costs for the building that would accrue if the building were vacant.




Staff recommends that the Board authorize the County Executive to sign the Lease Amendment which would extend the term of the Lease for the Old Crozet Elementary School building by the Charlottesville Waldorf School.




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