School Board News - April 2006

A communications update from the Albemarle County School Board

to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


School Board Policy FB, Facilities Planning: On March 9, 2006, the School Board changed the administrative procedures of Policy FB – Facilities Planning.  Changes to procedures include changing the title of the Long-Range Planning Committee to Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee and defining the role of the committee specifically to react to data and advise the Superintendent on needs for the Capital Improvements Program and redistricting.  The committee will be comprised of school division staff and eight citizens appointed by the School Board.

Procedures defined in Policy FB also give staff direction to annually develop school capacity ranges with stated triggers, or action points, to address capacity concerns.  This annual report will be used by staff to recommend to the School Board necessary actions, to inform the Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee’s work, and communicate potential capacity concerns to school communities.

Changes related to redistricting include convening a committee when a new school is anticipated or when directed by the School Board, changing the membership of the committee to include only one member from the Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee, and having priorities established by the School Board prior to the redistricting process beginning.  These changes allow for extensive community engagement while fully utilizing staff expertise in developing plans.


2006-2007 Calendar: At the March 23rd School Board meeting, the Board approved the Albemarle County Public Schools Calendar for the 2006-2007 school year.  School will begin two weeks prior to Labor Day, August 21st, and end June 6th.  The calendar will contain 180 instructional days, 200 teacher days, and 12 school planning days The school calendar is posted on the school division website at


AVID: One of the outcome measures identified in the Division’s strategic plan is an increase in the percentage of students participating in advanced/honors level courses, particularly underrepresented NCLB populations, in an effort to better prepare students for entry into four-year colleges and universities.

Based upon a study group’s research, which included site visits to other school divisions, it was recommended that the Division pilot a nationally-recognized support program called AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination.

The AVID program is designed to meet the educational and social needs of students in the middle--students who, with support, have the potential to succeed in a rigorous course of study and go on to attend and graduate from a four-year college or university. Through AVID, students--often from those groups most underrepresented on postsecondary campuses--are prepared to meet four-year college entrance requirements by mastering college preparatory curricula.


JROTC Program: An update on the program enrollment was provided and its impact on the staffing requirements for other electives at Monticello High School.  The Board reaffirmed its commitment to the program.


Living Wage: As requested, “living wage” data was provided to you by Assistant County Executive Roxanne White. 


National Board Certified Teachers: During March, seven Albemarle County Public School teachers mailed their voluminous, exhaustive application for National Board Teacher Certification.  This certification process is so rigorous that ACPS teacher mentors work with the applicants for nearly a year to prepare a 10-part application.  The seven: Cindy Kyle, Murray Elementary; Pete Fiddner, Brownsville; Wendy Eckerle, Brownsville; Cathy Meaney, Brownsville; Jennie Buechner, Henley; Jane Shawn, Agnor Hurt; and Tim Howeth, Yancey, will not hear the results until November.  We applaud their obvious commitment to education and to lifelong learning.  Our students are the benefactors. 


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