FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan Work Session #3




To obtain further guidance regarding the

FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan water resource protection strategies



Tucker, Foley, White, Davis, Graham







April 5, 2006


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On September 9, 2005, the Board initiated the County’s FY 07 – FY10 strategic plan.  The Board 1) reviewed the County’s Vision and Mission statements, 2) identified five goals for inclusion in the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan, and 3) identified and voted on top priorities for this time period. 


On November 2, 2005, the Board reviewed the results of the retreat and made several suggestions to further clarify their priorities for staff.  On December 6, the Board received an updated Executive Summary that included the recommendations made by the Board during their November 2nd meeting.


To finalize the upcoming Strategic Plan, staff has scheduled work sessions with the Board to provide additional analysis on the priority issues and to receive more specific direction as necessary. The purpose of these efforts is to make the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan statements clear, actionable, and results-oriented to best focus and drive staff’s strategic efforts in the years ahead.


On January 11, 2006 a work session was held to review this Strategic Plan development process and to review staff’s analysis of the conservation easements priority. The Board approved a more specific objective statement regarding conservation easements at that time:


                        Goal:  To protect the County’s natural resources


            Objective:  By June 30, 2010, increase the total combined acreage in permanent conservation easements and             qualifying public parkland by 30,000 additional acres (50%) using public and private means.  


On February 8, 2006 a second work session was held to review staff’s analysis and recommendations concerning the Board’s education and transportation priorities. After the work session and additional Board input, the proposed statements to be included in the draft Strategic Plan document for these priorities are as follows:


            Goal:  To develop policies and infrastructure improvements to address the County’s growing needs


Objective: By June 30, 2010, expand regional transit opportunities, while accelerating the completion of the Meadowcreek Parkway, 2 local, and 2 regional transportation projects.



            Goal:  To enhance the quality of life


            Objective:  By June 30, 2009, the Board of Supervisors and general government employees will increase      collaborative efforts with the School Board and with employees of the schools system to assist the School Division          to achieve recognition as a “world class education system.”



Development of the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan




The April 5th work session will focus on the following three priority statements identified at the Board’s September 05 Strategic Plan Retreat:

Priority:  In coordination with RWSA:  1) Obtain a final approval of the water supply plan within two years, 2) develop a comprehensive wastewater plan, and 3) implement an integrated water resource management plan


Priority:  Provide funding for the stormwater management plan…


Priority:  Implement additional strategies for resource protection


As shown in Part I of the attached white paper, the County is currently implementing numerous strategies to protect natural resources as identified in the Rural Area Section of the County’s Comprehensive Plan and in the County’s Natural Resources and Cultural Assets Plan. During the work session, staff requests the Board discuss Part II of the white paper and staff’s specific recommendation regarding water resource protection. Also, staff wishes to obtain any additional guidance the Board may wish to provide regarding other resource protection priorities.


On April 5th, in addition to this work session, the Community Development Department will hold a separate work session with the Board regarding the department’s work plan. During that work session, Community Development staff will seek further direction from the Board regarding their work plan, which includes two additional strategic priorities identified by the Board at the September Strategic Plan Retreat:


Goal:  Effectively Manage the County’s Growth


Priority:  Establish and Implement a schedule for completing the Master Plans for each of the County’s growth areas

Priority:  Implement all strategies in the Rural Area Plan within 4 years.


After the Community Development work plan discussion, these two priority statements will be modified, if the Board directs staff to do so, and the modified statements will also be included in the draft FY 07 – FY 10 strategic plan.


Additional dialogue with the Board will be held in the coming months so that the Board will have the opportunity to review and comment on staff’s work on the remaining strategic plan priority items. For example, a Board work session on affordable housing is scheduled for April 12.


The draft FY 07 – FY 10 strategic plan is slated to be completed by June. There will be a 30 day public review period prior to the Board considering the plan for approval in July 2006.




The Board’s identified strategic priorities provide direction to the County during the budget cycle.




Staff recommends:

            1) The Board discusses water resource protection and approves the inclusion of the following statement in the          draft FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan:

            By June 2010, the County, working in cooperation with Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and others, will    increase the quality, supply, and protection of the County’s water resources.


2) The Board provides further guidance regarding other resource protection strategies it wishes staff to increase its focus on during the time period of the FY 07 –FY 10 Strategic Plan.




Attachment A – Updated Framework - Retreat Results

Attachment B- White Paper: “Resource Protection Strategies – with special focus on Water Resources”

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