Wickham Pond - Request to amend the Albemarle County Service Authority Jurisdictional Area



Public hearing to review a proposed amendment to the ACSA Jurisdictional Area Boundary to provide water and sewer service to Tax Map 56, Parcel 92 located in the Crozet Community.  The property is located in Route 240, adjacent to the Highlands subdivision, in the Community of Crozet.



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Cilimberg, Benish







April 5, 2006


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The applicant is requesting ACSA Jurisdictional Area designation for water and sewer service for the Wickham Pond development approved by the Board of Supervisors at its meeting on January 4, 2006.  The 20.5 acre property is located on the south side of Route 240, adjacent to the Highlands subdivision (see Attachment).  The property is located within the designated Crozet Development Area, in the Whitehall Magisterial District. The parcel is currently designated for “water only to existing structures.”  The applicant is requesting water and sewer service to serve the development.  The Board previously reviewed this request on March 1, 2006 and set this public hearing for comment on this proposal.




2.2 Protect and/or preserve the County's natural resources.




The subject property is located in the Crozet Development Area.  The water supply for Crozet is provided by the Beaver Creek Reservoir. Sewer service is provided by the Moore’s Creek Treatment Plant via the Crozet Interceptor. 

The Comprehensive Plan provides the following concerning the provision of water and sewer service to the Development Areas:


“General Principle: Urban Areas, Communities, and Villages are to be served by public water and sewer (p. 114).”


“Provide water and sewer service only to areas within the ACSA Jurisdictional Areas (p. 130).”


“Follow the boundaries of the designated Development Areas in delineating Jurisdictional Areas (p.130).”


The Comprehensive Plan recommends serving the Development Areas with public water and sewer service.  This parcel is located within the Crozet Development Area, so designating it as part of the ACSA Jurisdictional Area for public water and sewer service would align with County policy.


In December of 2005, as part of the Board’s consideration of the Chitester request to amend the Jurisdictional Area in another part of Crozet, staff noted that while most of the Crozet Development Area is designated for water and sewer service, there are some parcels that have restricted designations (“water only”, “water only to existing structures” or “limited service”) or that are not included in the Jurisdictional Area. (See Attachment B)  At that time, the Board directed staff to do the necessary research and set a separate public hearing to designate all properties within the designated Development Area for water and sewer service.  Staff is in the process of doing the research to prepare for a comprehensive amendment of the Jurisdictional Area for Crozet, but will not be finished before this request goes to public hearing. 




The property owner will bear the costs for water and sewer hook-up.




As a general policy, staff has advised that public utility capacity should be reserved to support development of designated Development Areas.  Since this property is located within a designated Development Area, the provision of both water and sewer service to the property would be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan public utility policy.  Therefore, staff recommends the Board of Supervisors approve this request to amend the ACSA Jurisdictional Area designation to “Water and Sewer” service for Tax Map 56, Parcel 92.  




A-      Location Map

B-      Crozet Jurisdictional Areas and Development Area Boundary

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