ZMA 2005-0005 Liberty Hall (Cross Property)



Liberty Hall is a request to rezone 8.01 acres from R-1 to Neighborhood Model for residential and live/work units.



Cilimberg, Echols, Ragsdale








June 14, 2006


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The Board of Supervisors reviewed this request and held a public hearing on March 15, 2006. The applicant requested deferral to respond to an adjoining property owner‘s request regarding a road connection from Liberty Hall to their property. Comments from the public included concern with residential densities, office uses included in the proposal, and impacts on Route 250, including scenic and traffic. The Board shared in these concerns from the public.




The general development plan and other application materials have been revised to incorporate the neighbor’s requested changes and to respond to concerns raised by the Board and the public at the March meeting. This includes reducing the number of total residential units from 53 to 51 units and modifying the CT 3 areas of the site to include fewer units, which reduces the density in those areas of the stie. Office uses are no longer proposed as separate uses in the CT 4 areas of the site and the applicant now proposes eight live/work units, which should alleviate previous concerns regarding the amount of non-residential (office) use. (Attachment F-General Development Plan)


Staff has found all versions of this proposal to be in conformity with the Crozet Master Plan, which intended for this neighborhood in Crozet to include infill and serve as a center of activity. A table is provided that compares the number of residential units by Crozet Transect (CT) type to the recommended densities of the Crozet Master Plan. The applicant’s proposal is consistent with the number of residential units and densities of the Crozet Master Plan and now falls within the mid range of units expected for CT 3 areas.  It proposes the maximum number of units for the CT 4 areas of the site, which are expected to include predominantly residential uses with a limited mix of non-residential uses (in this case live/work units). (Attachment A) 


Some members of the public have raised concerns about the rate at which Crozet is growing and staff has provided a summary of potential dwelling units in Crozet as a “status report” on approved developments and developments under review in Crozet. The Crozet Master Plan does not specify which neighborhoods should develop first in Crozet. (Attachment B) 


Traffic concerns on Route 250 were also raised at the public hearing and by the Route 250 West Task Force. (Attachment C) The traffic impact mitigation alternatives report provided by the applicant is included as Attachment D. VDOT has accepted the mitigation that has been proffered by the applicant to address the ultimate mitigation measures to be undertaken on Route 250 when conditions warrant. (Attachment E-Proffers) It is also important to note that residents of this neighborhood would be located within walking distance of retail and commercial uses at Clover Lawn and the future Blue Ridge Shopping Center which would potentially reduce needed vehicle trips. The Crozet Master Plan also strives to improve connections from these neighborhoods to Downtown with an improved ultimate street network and trail system and in the future some form of bus service. This project no longer has an office component but includes live/work units instead, which would potentially further reduce traffic impacts as some residents would work from home. Regarding visual impacts to Route 250, the ARB has offered preliminary review comments that the applicant has included on their application plan with regard to site design and all final architectural details; the site development plans will also be reviewed and approved by the ARB.



Considering the additional changes to the plan to address concerns expressed at the Board’s March meeting, staff recommends approval of ZMA 05-05 of 8.01 acres from R1 Residential to NMD Neighborhood Model District with the revised proffers, code of development, and plan. 



A.      Liberty Hall Residential Units and Density Comparison with Crozet Master Plan

B.      Summary of Crozet Potential Residential Units

C.      Route 250 West Task Force Memo, dated March 30, 2006

D.      Liberty Hall Traffic Mitigation Report, dated December 23, 2005

E.      Liberty Hall Proffers

F.      Liberty Hall General Development Plan, last revised April 6, 2006

G.     Liberty Hall Code of Development, dated April 6, 2006 (on file in Clerk's office)

H.      Board of Supervisors Minutes March 15, 2006 for Liberty Hall

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