August 2, 2006



A monthly communications report from the Albemarle County School Board to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


Administrative Changes: During its July meeting, the School Board approved the following changes:


**Burley Middle School welcomes Mr. Douglas Granger as Assistant Principal.  He previously served as the band teacher/director for Louisa County Middle School and two years prior to that, he was the band teacher/director at Page County High School.  Since August of 2005 he has been a full time graduate student pursuing his masterís degree in Administration and Supervision from the University of Virginia and will complete this program this summer.

**Ms. Cynthia Wells was appointed as the Title I Coordinator in the Office of Instruction.  She previously served as Director of the Core Knowledge Foundation in Charlottesville. 

**Mr. Vincent Ashley was appointed as Director of Transportation.  He previously served as the Assistant Director of Transportation in the Richmond City Public School system.


Podcasting:  At the July 13th meeting, the School Board officially began podcasting its meetings.  Once the meeting is finished staff will have the recording posted to the Division website within 2 working days. 


BoardDocs:  In the last several years, staff has been trying to increase efficiencies in the School Board Office in processing Board packets.  The School Board views this as part of its goal to enhance the effectiveness of the Board and Board governance.  A presentation on BoardDocs, an e-governance system, was included in the May 25th meeting. The Board will discuss this issue at the August 10th meeting, including additional information regarding confidentiality/security, customizing and receiving a better financial package.


Retreat Follow-Up:  Ms. Friedman provided the Board with a summary of the book, ďFive Habits of High-Impact School Boards,Ē  one of the two books provided for the  retreat discussion on Board governance, continuous improvement toward world class recognition (Goal IV), and effective and efficient use of resources (Goal V).  Board members will work with Dr. Moran, senior administrators and the School Board Clerk to look at different formats and content focus for Board meetings in the context of effective Board governance. 


Continuous Improvement for Curriculum and Student Conduct with Respect to Alcohol and Substance Abuse:  Continuous improvement requires that we take a look at our current state and work towards a desired state.  In order to facilitate and improve prevention and intervention services, setting clear expectations of student conduct regarding underage drinking have been recommended.  The Board discussed policy JFC at its July 13th meeting and decided to put the policy back on the next agenda with changes recommended by Board members at the meeting. 


Update on FY 06/07 Budget:  On May 11th, the School Board adopted a budget.  This budget was based upon suppositions associated with the final revenues to be provided by the Commonwealth.  The Commonwealth has adopted a budget which contained some small changes.  Following these small changes, the Board approved a reduction of $34,711 at its July 13th meeting and will request the Board of Supervisors to amend the appropriation ordinance accordingly.


Personnel Policy Review/Total Rewards Update: Ms. Suyes from Human Resources gave a presentation to the Board on the performance management system for classified employees.   It was the consensus of the Board for Human Resources to develop a training and communication plan to pilot the merit matrix and new performance evaluation form for the upcoming school year. 


21st Annual Governorís Conference on Education:  Along with Mr. Benson, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning, Ms. Friedman and Mr. Koleszar attended the annual Governorís Conference on Education in Richmond on July 18th.  The purpose of the conference, sponsored by the Office of the Governor and the Virginia School Boards Association, was to offer school board members, superintendents, and other participants an overview of successful educational practices throughout Virginia.  Two teams of educators from Albemarle County presented at the conference.  As the featured luncheon speaker, Governor Timothy M. Kaine spoke about educational reform and revision in the Commonwealth with particular emphasis on full funding of the SOQs and expansion of the pre-kindergarten, four-year-old preschool education. 


School Board Meetings:  The next regularly scheduled School Board meeting is August 10th at 6:30 p.m.

**A reminder that the School Board will not hold a regular meeting on July 27, 2006. 


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