SOCA, Polo Grounds Road – Request to Amend the Albemarle County Service Authority Jurisdictional Area



 Request for public hearing to amend the existing Jurisdictional Area Limited Service designation to provide sewer service to new structure on Tax Map 46, Parcel 26C1 located within the SOCA sports facility (Attachment A).



 Tucker, Foley, Davis, Cilimberg, Benish; Arnold






August 2, 2006


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The applicant is requesting an amendment to the current limited service ACSA Jurisdictional Area designation on an approximately 26-acre parcel, described as Tax Map 45, Parcel 26C1 (Attachment A).  The parcel is located on Polo Grounds Road and includes the existing SOCA South Fork Soccer Park.  The property is bounded by the Rivanna River to the south, a tree farm and contractors yard to the west, and single family residences to the north and east.  The site is located within Comprehensive Plan Rural Area 2, in the Rivanna Magisterial District.


The current limited service designation was approved by the Board of Supervisors on September 12, 2001 to “provide sewer service to the SOCA South Fork Soccer complex only as approved under SP1998-18 and SP 1998-22 (Tax Map 22, Parcels 22 and 22C).”  The Special Use Permits permitted five (5) soccer fields, a 2000 square foot storage building and 216 parking spaces.  The applicant is now requesting that sewer service be provided to a proposed 1,000 square foot office trailer to be located on the existing SOCA site. This office use/structure was not identified as part of the prior Special Permit approvals for the SOCA site.  The office trailer will be used exclusively by SOCA for club purposes. The office use also requires Board of Supervisor approval of a Special Use Permit (SP 2006-14, SOCA Club Offices at South Fork Soccer Park), which has been submitted by the applicant and is currently under review by the staff.  It is scheduled for consideration by the Planning Commission in August and may be heard by the Board as early as September, pending Commission action. 


The properties adjacent to the north and south of the SOCA parcel are located in the Development Areas and are designated for both water and sewer service (Attachment B). The properties adjacent to the west and east of the SOCA parcel are designated Rural Area in the Land Use Plan.  The property to the west is zoned Rural Areas and is not within the Jurisdictional Area for water or sewer service. The parcels to the east (Tax map 45, parcels 22 and 22C) were part of the original parcels which received the ACSA ‘limited service” designation for sewer service in 2001 for the SOCA facility and therefore all three parcels are subject to same limited service restrictions (Parcel 26C1 was later subdivided from Parcel 22C).



2.2 Protect and/or preserve the County's natural resources



The Utilities section of the Comprehensive Plan (page 129) includes the following recommendations regarding changes in the Jurisdictional Area outside of the Development Areas:


“Only allow changes in jurisdictional areas outside of designated Development Areas in cases where the property is: (1) adjacent to existing lines; and (2) public health and/or safety is in danger. “


A sewer line passes through the SOCA parcel and the existing soccer park facilities are connected to the sewer line.


The Board action in 2001 that established the limited sewer service designation on this parcel was based on the potential health/safety concerns from using a septic system on this site.  Those concerns were caused by the topographic characteristics of the site, which would have required any septic system to be placed either in the floodplain of the South Fork Rivanna River or uphill from the soccer complex, requiring pumping to the drainfield.  Use of a pump as part of the disposal system means mechanical failure is an ever-present possibility.  With a system located so close to the floodplain of the Rivanna River, the failure of a septic pump poses the possibility of a public health threat resulting from effluent contamination.  Use of the public sewer system to dispose of effluent is preferred over a floodplain location for a drainfield or pumping to a drainfield uphill from the floodplain. 


The proposed office trailer, and its associated drainfield facility, would be located adjacent to the floodplain of the South Fork Rivanna River and would be subject to the same topographic conditions and health/safety concerns as noted above.


Staff opinion is that there is merit to setting a public hearing to consider amending the limited service designation for sewer service on the parcel.  Staff recommends that the ACSA jurisdictional area amendment public hearing amendment be scheduled for the same meeting that the Special Use Permit for the office use (SP 2006-14, SOCA Club Offices). Should the Special Permit for the new office use be approved, the Board could then act on the related Jurisdictional Area amendment request.



There are no additions to existing facilities needed for this use.  Construction costs are the responsibility of the applicant.



Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors schedule a public hearing for this proposed amendment to the ACSA Jurisdictional Area limited use designation on SOCA property (Tax Map 45, Parcel 26C1).  The jurisdictional area amendment public hearing should be scheduled in conjunction with the Board’s review of SP 2006-14, SOCA Club Offices at South Fork Soccer Park (September 13, 2006).



A  - ACSA Jurisdictional Area Map

B  - SOCA Parcel with Delineated Floodplain

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