September 13, 2006





1.         Call to Order at 2:30 p.m. in Room 241


            Work Sessions:

2.         2:35 p.m.:  Mountain Overlay District; Phasing & Clustering of Rural Area Subdivisions; Family Divisions.

3.         4:00 p.m.   Green Building and Sustainability.

4.         4:45 p.m.   Alternative Engineering Review Pilot Program. 

5.         5:00 p.m.   Recess.


            Reconvene at 6:00 p.m. in Room 241


6.         Pledge of Allegiance.

7.         Moment of Silence.

8.         From the Public:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda. 

9.         Consent Agenda (on next page). 


            Public Hearings: 


10.        Resolution:  Virginia Public School Authority (VPSA) Bond Issue.   

11.        ZMA-2006-001.  Westhall Phase V (Signs #49,59,64).  PROPOSAL:  Rezone 8.957 acres from R-1 Residential (1              unit/acre) to PRD Planned Residential District residential (3 - 34 units/acre).  LOCATION: Tax Map 56H Parcel A,

             located approximately 600 feet east of the end of Park Street (SR 1204) in the Community of Crozet.  (Deferred from

             August 2, 2006)

12.        ZTA-2005-005 Farm Worker Housing. Ordinance to Amend Section 3.1 (“Definitions”), Section 5 ("Supplementary

Regulations”), and 10 (“Rural Areas”) of Chapter 18, Zoning, of the Albemarle County Code.  This ordinance would amend Section 3.1 by defining certain terms; Section 5 by adding supplementary regulations for farm worker housing; and Section 10 by adding farm worker housing facilities for 20 or fewer occupants and having 5 or fewer sleeping structures as a by-right use (farm worker housing, Class A), and adding farm worker housing facilities for more than 20 occupants or having 6 or more sleeping structures as a use requiring a special use permit (farm worker housing, Class B), in the Rural Areas zoning district.  (Deferred from June 7, 2006)

13.        ZMA-2005-018.  Wickham Pond Phase II (Sign # 7).   PROPOSAL:  Rezone 19.69 acres from RA - Rural Areas:

agricultural, forestal, and fishery uses; residential density (.05 unit/acre) to NMD Neighborhood Model District - residential (3 - 34 units/acre) mixed with commercial, service and industrial uses. Maximum number proposed residential units: Approximately 106. Approximately 16,000 sq ft commercial uses.  PROFFERS: Yes.  EXISTING COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY:  Corridor General (CT4) - mixed residential and commercial uses (net 4.5 units per acre for SFD, sfa & duplexes) (net 12 units per acre for townhouses and apartments) (net 18 units per acre for mixed use). Urban Edge (CT3) - supports center with predominately residential uses, especially single-family detached (net 3.5-4.5 units per acre) (net 6.5 units per acre if accessory apartments are added for 50% of the residential stock). Development Area Reserve (CT2) and Preserve (CT1) - development area open space preserve or reserve with very low residential density (net 1 unit per 20 acres).  LOCATION: Between  Route 240 and the C & O railroad. Approximately 2,200 feet from intersection of Route 240 and Highlands Drive.  TAX MAP/PARCEL: 56/91.  ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes.  MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: White Hall.

14.        From the Board:  Committee Reports and Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

15.        Adjourn to September 15, at 9:00 a.m. (Zehmer Hall) for the Board’s Annual Retreat, “Funding the Future”.



C O N S E N T    A G E N D A





9.1        Approval of Minutes:  February 8, March 15, April 5 and April 12, 2006. 


9.2        Authorize County Executive to Accept Deeds on behalf of the County Conveying Right of Way and any Easements Necessary to Improve Right of Way.




9.3        Copy of 2006 Statement of Assessed Values for Local Tax Purposes for Railroads and Interstate Pipeline Transmission Companies, as provided by the Virginia Department of Taxation. (on file in Clerk's office)


9.4        Copy of certified 2006 Statements of Assessed Value for the electric, gas, telecommunications, and water companies for the County of Albemarle, as provided by the State Corporation Commission. (on file in Clerk's office)


9.5        Copy of Planning Commission minutes for July 11, 2006.


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