October 4, 2006



A monthly communications report from the Albemarle County School Board to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


Electronic Emergency School Notification System (ESNS)The Division is in the process of completing configuration of a new tool for fast and effective information sharing between the school division and parents.  ESNS is an essential tool for communication with parents.  Within minutes of Division-wide emergency, school officials can use ESNS to deliver a message to parents, guardians, or designated emergency contacts by landline or cellular phone, and e-mail.  ESNS also may be used to inform parents of weather-related school schedule changes or closings. Division staff are in the process of entering the data into our student information management system.  The target date for completion of data entry for the system is September 30th


AYP & SOL Report The Commonwealth of Virginia, and each school and school division are required to make Adequate Yearly progress (AYP) under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110).  Adequate Yearly Progress is determined by considering Standards of Learning passing rates in English and mathematics, and participation, attendance, and graduation rates.  In Virginia, school accreditation is based on SOL passing rates for the overall population of students in a school.  The No Child Left Behind Act takes school accountability further by requiring targeted passing rates for the overall population and various subgroups.  The Virginia Department of Education released preliminary AYP results on August 31, 2006.  The Division made AYP in 2005-06 for the first time.  20 of 25 schools made AYP.  The Division continues to sustain high levels of achievement in English as measured by Virginia’s SOL.  Achievement in mathematics continues to trend upward at grades previously tested.  5 schools did not make AYP.  The schools that did not make AYP missed the benchmark for either African American students, or economically disadvantaged students, or both. 


EnrollmentAt the September 6, 2006 enrollment count there were 12,441 students enrolled.  In comparison the 10 day enrollment number for the 05-06 school year was 12,433 and 12,327 for the 04-05 school year.  Enrollment is 8 students above where we were at a comparable time last year.  For 06-07, 5,540 students are at the elementary schools, 2, 840 at the middle schools and 4,061 at the high schools.  This year there has been unpredicted fluctuation of enrollment, either over or under projection in some schools.  15 schools are within the projection range of plus or minus 15, 6 schools are more than 15 under projection and 4 schools are more than 15 over projection. Schools, which are 16 or more students above projection, will receive extra staff.  Schools, which are 16 or more students under project, will lose staffing.   Certain small schools are in a held harmless position.  School Division staff has been working with each of the affected schools to finalize staffing plans. 


Policy KF, Distribution of Outside Materials:  There was discussion at the September 14th School Board meeting on the distribution of outside materials.  Two viable options were presented to the School Board for consideration.  There was Board consensus for Option I to be looked at with administrative procedures to be developed.  Option I allows equal access to all outside groups to distribute flyers and request the use of school buildings, subject to reasonable time, place, manner and other content-neutral restrictions.  This policy with its administrative procedures was placed on the September 28th regular agenda for action.


Magna Award:  For the use of innovate technology within the Division, such as the use of podcasting, the School Division will be sending in an application for the Magna Award. The annual Magna Awards, presented by the American School Board Journal, recognize local school boards that are putting student achievement and community engagement at the center of their work. 


School Board Meetings:  The next regularly scheduled School Board Meetings are October 12th and 26th at 6:30 p.m.  The next Closed School Board Meeting is scheduled for October 23rd at 5:30 p.m. (time is tentative).  A joint meeting between the School Board and Board of Supervisors is scheduled for October 11th at 3:30 p.m. to discuss employee compensation and benefits.  A joint City/County School Board meeting is scheduled for October 17th with the CATEC Board to hear preliminary results of their strategic plan.


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