Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Transit Authority

DRAFT Transit Vision


The Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Transit Authority will provide fast, frequent, dependable, and seamless transit service throughout the area.


·         Provide direct links between and among the four major destinations in the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County:  Downtown, UVA/Medical Center, Pantops, and the Rt. 29 North corridor.

·         Provide competitive choices for travel throughout the region – for residents, commuters, employees, students, and visitors.

·         Improve routes and choices for underserved communities and individuals.

·         Attract ‘choice’ riders – those who currently drive for most trips.

·         Increase access to medical, employment, tourist, recreation, education, service and retail destinations throughout the region.

·         Integrate transit fully with other modes of transportation - walking, wheeling, carpooling, driving alone, and regional bus and rail.

·         Serve as a tool to help make the area ‘Livable for a Lifetime.’

·         Reduce traffic congestion, pollution, energy consumption, and personal travel costs.

Working methods

·         Create a unified regional transit plan to identify 1) routes, 2) level of service 3) phasing,

4) vehicle technology, 5) funding requirements, and 6) operating responsibilities.

·         Secure a sustainable, stable funding source for new equipment, physical improvements, operations, and maintenance.

·         Work with localities, businesses and developers to plan for mixed-use Transit Oriented Development (around existing service) and Transit-Ready Development (for future system expansion).

·         Design routes and schedules so that service to existing areas is maintained or improved. 

·         Coordinate physical improvements around bus waiting areas and transit stations. 

·         Maximize service efficiency through:

o      Innovative use of technology for vehicle tracking/on-time performance/real-time info.

o      Increased coordination of service planning and operations.

o      Seamless marketing, communications, and education for user-friendly customer experience.

·         Promote and provide opportunities to utilize public-private partnerships


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