Primary Road Improvement Priorities



Identify the County’s primary and interstate road priorities for presentation to the Commonwealth Transportation Board Public Meeting on the FY 2008-13 Six-year Improvement Program



Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade






October 4, 2006


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The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) will conduct a public meeting on October 25, 2006 to give citizens and public officials an opportunity to “review and provide comments on projects and programs for inclusion in the Fiscal Year 2008-2013 Six-Year Improvements Program (SYIP).”  This is the opportunity for the Board of Supervisors to inform the CTB of the County’s primary road priorities. Primary roads are those roads with route numbers below 600, including interstate highways (Route 6, 20, 22, 29, 231, 240, 250 and I-64), The County has maintained a priority list of improvements for a number of years, and uses this list as the basis for each year’s update.


The Six Year Primary Road Plan process differs from the Secondary Road Plan process in that specific amounts of funds are set aside for secondary road projects in the County,  whereas funds for primary roads projects are allocated for each construction district, and all primary road projects proposed within all localities in the district compete for those funds. The Culpeper District includes Albemarle, Culpeper, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Orange and Rappahannock Counties.


As of the writing of this Executive Summary, no specific information or public notice is available regarding the time and format for the Culpeper District meeting.  VDOT staff has indicated that the format will be similar to last year’s meeting, with an early evening “public official briefing,” where comments may be submitted to VDOT, followed by a general public input opportunity later in the evening.  Attachment C is the Public Notice for the October 18, 2006 public meeting scheduled for Abingdon, Virginia.  The Culpeper District meeting should follow a similar format as the Abingdon meeting.




3.0 Develop Policies and Infrastructure to Address the County’s Growing Needs




The purpose of the review is for the Board of Supervisors to determine the road projects to recommend for inclusion in the FY 2008-13 SYIP for the Culpeper District.  Staff has provided a draft copy of the 2006 Road Improvement Priorities for primary and interstate roads. The recommended 2006 priorities are the same as those approved by the Board for last year’s public hearing (October 2005); staff is not recommending any changes to the road improvement priorities for this year.  Four modifications to the text have been proposed and can be found in bold and italic type in Attachment A.  Staff has added the statement “The County requests that the CTB make every effort to provide adequate funding and resources to maintain the current construction schedule for this project” to the Meadow Creek Parkway and Parkway Interchange statements on page 1 of Attachment A.  The two other changes are non-substantive modifications that clarify previous text or project status (to the text for Northern Free State Road project on page 1,  and the Route 22 and 250 intersection, project “L.” on page 3).

In addition to the normal narrative description of the County’s project priorities (Attachment A), staff has included a more abbreviated list of County priorities (Attachment B). This new list is intended to provide a more user friendly “quick reference” of the County priority projects that was first used last year.


The Board will also need to decide how to handle this year’s presentation at the State’s public meeting.  In the past, Board members have attended the public meeting to make a presentation of the County’s requests. However, for the past two years, County Planning staff has attended the meeting to present the County’s recommended priorities. The County staff has worked with the MPO staff to provide uniform and complimentary comments regarding transportation needs/recommendations in the area. 




The County is providing its priorities for projects to be funded through the State’s interstate, primary and urban system funding. The impact on the budget will be determined after VDOT has identified the projects it will fund in their Six Year Financial Plan.




Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors approve the attached recommended priorities for primary road system improvements.  The Board should also provide direction regarding the presentation of the County recommendations and comments at the October 25, 2006 VDOT public meeting.




Attachment A - Draft Primary Priorities

Attachment B – Six Year Primary Plan List by Categories

Attachment C – Public meeting Notice for October 18, 2006 meeting in Abingdon, VA

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