DECEMBER 6, 2006






1.         Call to Order.

2.         Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Moment of Silence.

4.         Recognitions. 

5.         From the Public:  Matters not Listed for Public Hearing on the Agenda. 

6.         Consent Agenda (on next page). 

7.         9:30 a.m. - Board-to-Board, Monthly Communications Report, School Board Chairman.

8.         9:40 a.m. - Transportation Matters

a.         VDOT Monthly Report.

9.         10:00 a.m. - JAUNT Annual Report, Donna Shaunnesey.

10.        10:10 a.m. - Appeal:  SUB-2006-224. Rolling Meadows Request for Private Street to serve 4 lotsRequest for preliminary subdivision plat approval to create 4 lots on 18.62 acres zoned RA. Tax Map 56, Parcel 112. Located 900 feet west of Normandy Drive and 200 feet off the Rockfish Gap Turnpike (US. Route 250). (The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Rural Areas in Rural Area 3.)  White Hall District.

10: 30 a.m. - Recess

11.        10:40 a.m. - Charlottesville Free Clinic Building Proposal.

12.        10:50 a.m. - Community Engagement Program, Lee Catlin.

13.        11:00 a.m. - Albemarle County Transferable Development Rights (TDR) Proposal, David Slutzky.

14.        Closed Session.

15.        Certify Closed Session.

16.        Appointments.


2:00 p.m. - Public Hearings:

17.        FY 2007 Budget Amendment.

18.        Cascadia and Broadus Memorial Baptist Church To amend the Jurisdictional Area Boundary of the Albemarle County Service Authority to provide water and sewer service to Cascadia development (Tax Map 62, Parcel 25 and Tax Map 78, Parcels 59 and 59A) and Broadus Memorial Baptist Church (Tax Map 62, Parcel 25C/C1), all located in the Pantops Development Area (Neighborhood Three).

19.        Airport Property To amend the Jurisdictional Area Boundary of the Albemarle County Service Authority to provide water and sewer service to Tax Map 31, Parcel 27A located in on the west side of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport property in the Hollymead Development Area.

20.        Proposed ordinance to amend Section 4-213 of Chapter 4, Animals and Fowl, Article II, Dogs and Other Animals, Division 2, Running at Large, of the Albemarle County Code to establish Section One of Corville Farm Subdivision as an additional area of the County where dogs are prohibited from running at large.

21.        SP-2004-029. Holy Cross Episcopal Church (Sign 28): PROPOSED: Special use permit amendment for expansion of an existing, non-conforming church to expand the existing fellowship hall by approximately 800 square feet. LOCATION: Craigs Store Road (Route  635), approximately 3.5 miles south of Batesville. MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Samuel Miller.

22.        ZMA 2006-017. Buck Mountain Planned Residential Development Boundary Adjustments and Rural Areas rezoning (Signs 71,72): PROPOSAL:  Rezone 2.456 acres from RA Rural Areas zoning district (TMP 17-26D) which allows agricultural, forestal, and fishery uses; residential density to become a part of TMP 17-60 Planned Residential District PRD (Buck Mountain PRD) which allows residential (3 - 34 units/acre)  Also, boundary line adjustments within the Buck Mountain PRD, 1.56 acres PRD Common Area (TMP 15-115) to TMP 17-60 and TMP 17-61, and 1.56 acres of TMP 17-26D added to Common Area (TMP 17-115).  No additional residential units proposed. PROFFERS: No. LOCATION: Southeast quadrant of intersection of Free Union Road (Rt. 601) and Davis Shop Road (Rt. 671). MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: White Hall.


23.        3:00 p.m. - 2006 StreamWatch Report, John Murphy.

24.        3:15 p.m. - RSWA Mitigation Plan Presentation, Tom Frederick.


25.        From the Board:  Committee Reports and Matters not Listed on the Agenda.

26.        Adjourn to December 13, 2006, 3:00 p.m., Room 235.



C O N S E N T    A G E N D A







6.1        Approval of Minutes:  March 13A, March 15A, March 20A, March 22A, May 10A and May 10N, August 1 and August 3, 2006.


6.2        Resolution Watch for Child Playing signs on Bleak House Road (Route 662).


6.3        Resolution Watch for Child Playing signs on Gristmill Drive (Route 1157). 


6.4        Native Meadow Road Name Change to Zack Lane.


6.5        Resolution authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds, pursuant to the Industrial Development and Revenue Bond Act, by the Charlottesville Authority in an amount not to exceed $170,000,000 for the benefit of the University of Virginia Foundation.


6.6        Resolution to appoint Assistant Fire Marshal (Gary Rodney Snead) pursuant to Virginia Code.


6.7        Health Department carry-over funding request.


6.8        Amendment of Commission on Children and Families Agreement to change Fiscal Agent.


6.9        Turkey Sag Road (Route 640) Paving Request by private citizen. 


6.10      Revised FY 2007/2008 Budget and CIP Events Calendar.


6.11      Revisions to the Charter and By-laws of the Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Training Academy.


6.12      Resolution to accept road(s) in Parkside Village, Phase I and Phase II Subdivision, into the State Secondary System of Highways.




6.13      Eastern Connector Alignment Status Report. 


6.14      Copy of letter dated November 6, 2006 from John Shepherd, Manager of Zoning Administration, to Patricia C. Garnett, re: OFFICIAL DETERMINATION OF PARCELS AND DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS -- TMP 056A1-01-00-08500 WHITE HALL MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT (Property of Josephine P. Beale Life Estate) Section 14.3


6.15      New Resident Brochure.


6.16      2006 Third Quarter Building Report as prepared by the County of Albemarle Community Development Department.


6.17      First Quarter FY 2007 Financial Report.


6.18      Copy of Planning Commission minutes for September 19, 2006.



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