TO:                  Members of the Board of Supervisors


FROM:            Ella Washington-Carey, CMC, Clerk


DATE:             December 27, 2006


RE:                  Lewis and Clark Enhancement Grant Application



A request has been made to the Board of Supervisors for a resolution of support for an application to VDOT for $300,000 in Transportation Enhancement Funds.


The Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center (LCEC) of Virginia will be an educational center for visitors of all ages and will commemorate the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the first major transportation project undertaken by the young United States, as President Jefferson sought to find the Northwest Passage.  An important element of the project will be a ferry crossing that will link pedestrians at the LCEC and Darden Towe Park with the Rivanna Trails system across the river in Pen Park.  The Visitorís Center will serve as the trailhead facility.


The Rivanna River Ferry will provide a link from one side of the Rivanna River to the other, allowing pedestrian crossing from the Darden Towe Park and the LCEC trails and facilities to the Rivanna Trails system and the Pen Park facilities.  The Visitorsí Center will offer interpretation of Jeffersonís inspiration for the transcontinental journey and will enrich visitorsí experience of Albemarle County.  The new trails system, funded in part by the National Park Service, will enhance and expand existing trails.


The community has provided significant financial and volunteer support for the project.  Support has come from individual donors, as well as businesses and foundations.  The land, 18 acres of woods and fields adjacent to Darden Towe Park, has been secured by a 40-year lease from the County of Albemarle and City of Charlottesville for $10 a year.  The LCEC have secured $372,000 in funding for Phase I, the Visitorís Center, trails, and the Rivanna River Ferry, as well as for the access road and the parking lot.


There is no budget impact to the County or City.  Matching dollars are being provided by the LCEC.  At its meeting on December 18, 2006 the Charlottesville City Council adopted a resolution supporting the grant application. 


It is recommended that the Board adopt the attached resolution supporting the LCECís grant application. 



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