Six Year Secondary Road Plan 2007/08-2012/13



Work session to review the County’s Priority List of Road Improvements and VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Plan



Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Benish, Wade






January 3, 2007


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The Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Six Year Secondary Road Improvement Plan must be reviewed and approved every year by the Board of Supervisors.  The first step in this annual process is to review the County’s Priority List of Secondary Road Improvements, which is used as the basis for development of the VDOT Six Year Plan.  The Planning Commission held a work session on November 21, 2006 and recommended no changes to the draft County Priority List found in the Planning Commission’s staff report (Attachment A).




Goal:  Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.




The primary purpose of this work session is to:

1.       Provide an initial overview of the Six Year Road Plan process;

2.       Review the status of existing projects on the County’s priority list of road improvements and potential projects to be considered for inclusion in this year’s revision of the list; and

3.       Set public hearing date for consideration of the County Priority List and VDOT Six Year Secondary Plan.


Due to the funding shortfall at the state level, the focus of this year’s review and update is to allocate all available funds to the priority projects identified by the County through the Strategic Plan, specifically the Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman’s Gap Road, and Georgetown Road (the “two local projects” identified in the Strategic Plan).  Staff and VDOT are proposing to move all available previous funding allocations to other lower priority projects, along with  future year allocations, to the Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman’s Gap Road and Georgetown Road projects, in that order, to keep these three projects on schedule.  To date, the County has already authorized VDOT to move prior Revenue Sharing Program funds and prior secondary fund allocations from the Free State Road, Old Ivy Road and Proffit Road projects to cover some of the shortfall on the Meadow Creek Parkway.  As a result, approximately $6.2 million in funds have been transferred to the Meadow Creek Parkway project.  The County is also requesting additional Revenue Sharing Program funds this year (FY 07) which, if awarded, would result in an additional $2.5 million for the Meadow Creek Parkway.  VDOT Residency staff has recommended applying FY 07 Revenue Sharing funds to the Meadow Creek Parkway project to ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the current estimated funding shortfall.  Any funds from other sources or prior allocations from other projects which may become available in the future (no longer necessary to cover the parkway project) could then be transferred to the other high priority local projects such as Jarman’s Gap Road and Georgetown Road.  VDOT has provided updated funding information (Attachment B) for the draft VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Improvement Program which is reflective of the strategy noted above.


The only other changes recommended by County staff to the County’s Priority List of Road Improvements-Strategic Priority List (Attachment A, Exhibit C) is the addition of the Advance Mill bridge improvement project and the Study of the Eastern Connector Road, and the deletion of the Airport Road project (completed). No other new projects are proposed to be added to the Strategic Priority List this year.    




The Six Year Road Planning process primarily establishes the County’s priorities for the expenditure of State/VDOT secondary road construction funds.  The County has already directed VDOT to transfer previously allocated funding from the Proffit Road, Old Ivy Road and Northern Free State Road projects to Meadow Creek Parkway, Jarman’s Gap Road and Georgetown Road projects in an effort to maintain the current construction schedules. Additionally, funding is already earmarked in the CIP for revenue sharing and transportation projects to match the Revenue Sharing Program funding request for FY 07.




This work session is to receive comments from the Board of Supervisors on the draft Priority List. Staff recommends setting a public hearing on the County Priority List of Road Improvements and the VDOT Six Year Secondary Road Improvement Program for February 14, 2007.




Attachment A: Staff Report with Attachments Presented to the Planning Commission on November 21, 2006

Attachment B: VDOT’s Draft Six Year State Secondary Improvement Program

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