June 26, 2007


Work session #1 with County planner:                                                     5/1/07

(completed 5/1/07)


Coordination with BRW on application plan exhibits:                                 week of 5/8/07

(completed 5/9/07)


Preparation of draft ZMA package (Cox Co.):                                            5/14/07-6/4/07

(completed 6/4/07)


Review ZMA package with AHIP:                                                             week of 6/11/07

(completed 6/15/07)


Submission of new ZMA application  (Cox Co.):                                  JUNE 18, 2007

(completed 6/15/07)


AHIP Awarded Kresge Grant - $50,000                                                 JUNE 22, 2007

( for design of green, sustainable features 6/22/07)


Work session #2 with County staff:                                                          6/29/07

(scheduled meeting with Sean Dougherty)


Work session #3 with County staff:                                                          week of 7/9/07


Meeting with RonWhite, Chief of Housing                                                 week of 7/9/07


Community Outreach /Discussions                                                          June/July/ August

Recruit Neighborhood representative

(Met with Neighbor Association President 6/12/07)


Meet with Green Team to evaluate green features                                     July - August


Revise/amend package per Staff review (Cox Co.)                                     week of 7/16/07


Work session #4 with County staff:                                                          week of 7/23/07


Neighborhood meeting                                                                        August 14, 2007


Planning Commission Work Session:                                                      August 28, 2007

(Scheduled meeting with PC)


Grant/ Loan sources identified                                                                 September, 20007

(Kresge complete 6/22/07)


Revise Construction Estimates                                                                September, 2007


Planning Commission Public Hearing(s)                                                   October 2, 2007

(Scheduled meeting with PC)


BOS Public Hearings                                                                              Nov. 7, 2007


Choose General Contractor                                                                     November, 2007


Tax Credit Application Workshop                                                             December 7, 2007


Rezoning and preliminary site plan approval                                              December, 2007


TAX CREDIT APPLICATION DUE:                                                         FEB 15, 2008



Construction and Permanent Loan applications                                  March, 2008


Tax Credit Preliminary Rankings announced                                      April 15, 2008

(comment period begins)



Final Tax Credit Rankings announced                                                May 7, 2008


Plans, Specs, Working Drawings                                                         June, 2008


Close on Tax Credits                                                                           September, 2008


Begin Construction                                                                              October, 2008


Complete Construction                                                                        May, 2010


Complete lease up                                                                              August, 2010


Credits Placed in Service                                                                    September, 2010



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