-CPA 2005-009, Southern Urban Area B Study CPA -2005-005, Granger Tract CPA



Public Hearing on proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate recommendations of the PACC Southern Urban Area B Study and a request to amend the land use designation for a 70 acre (approx.) parcel located within the Southern Urban Area B Study area.




Messrs.: Graham, Cilimberg, Benish





AGENDA DATE August 1, 2007






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The Board of Supervisors previously reviewed these Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) requests at a work session on May 2, 2007.  The Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed amendment language and map found in Attachments A, B and C of the attached March 13, 2007 staff report. The March 13th staff report provides background information on the two CPA requests and the draft amendment language.




There were outstanding issues related to two of the three conditions of approval of the Planning Commission that staff  has been working on since the Board’s May 2nd  work session.  Staff has provided the following status/response to these two conditions.  Please note that condition #3 had already been addressed in the amendment language reviewed at the May 2nd work session.


  1. Remove the reference/recommendation to develop the Stadium Road connection pending further discussion with PACC representatives regarding the form and specificity of that recommendation.  


Status:  Concern was raised by the University (one of three members of PACC) at the Planning Commission public hearing regarding the specificity of the recommendation calling for the construction of the Stadium Road connector and its consistency with the intent of the Area B Study.  The Commission recommended deleting the language from the draft amendment at this time to allow PACC representatives (County, City, and University) to further discuss consistent and acceptable language for this concept. 


Staff has worked with University and City representatives on revised language for the Stadium Road connector.  The new language is reflected in Attachments A and B.  The proposed language states:


·         Consider a possible extension of a multi-modal connection of Stadium Road to Fontaine Avenue in the area of the Fontaine Research Park.  Study various methods of providing a multi-modal connection, including the provision of various combinations of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and/or vehicle access and the impacts of this connection on the neighborhood and road network. 


This revision is more reflective of the intent and language found in the final version of the Southern Urban Area B Study.  The amended language recognizes the need for further study of the benefits and impact of such a concept, and the consideration of possible design concepts and alternatives for this type of connection.




  1. Provide more clarification on water and sewer. 


Status: The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority is in the process of completing an assessment of water and, more specifically, sewer interceptor/infrastructure needs. The sewer analysis is just now being completed and final needs assessment information is not available as yet to include in this amendment.  Once the Authority’s study is complete and available to the County for review, staff will review the findings and determine whether a more comprehensive amendment to the Land Use Plan needs to be undertaken to more fully document utility needs/issues for all of the Development Areas. 



Please note that the changes made to the proposed amendment language in response to the Commission’s conditions of approval are in blue italic print and highlighted yellow in Attachments A and B.




Staff recommends that the Board approve the Comprehensive Plan Amendments to the Land Use Plan Profiles for Neighborhoods 5 and 6, the Land Use Map, and the Transportation Section, found as Attachments  A, B and C (dated July 20, 2007) of this report. 



Attachment – March 13, 2007 Staff Report (with text and map amendments, Attachments A, B and C)

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