STAFF PERSON:                                                            DAVID BENISH



RE:  Southern Urban Area B Study CPA and Granger Property CPA



This public hearing is to receive public comment and review the proposed text and map amendments to the Comprehensive Plan incorporating the recommendations of the PACC Southern Urban Area B Study.  The draft also includes text amendments addressing a public request to amend the Comprehensive Plan land use recommendation for the Granger property, which is located within the Southern Urban Area B study area.  The Commission previously discussed these proposals at work sessions on January 9, 2007 and November 28, 2006.  These amendment requests have also been reviewed with the Planning and Coordination Council on numerous occasions since this review began in September of 2005.



Southern Urban Area B Study – Under the Three Party Agreement signed by the City, County and University in 1986, certain areas adjacent to the University of Virginia in the City and County were designated as “Area B,” where joint planning efforts among the three jurisdictions will be conducted.  The Planning and Coordination Council (PACC) was established by the Agreement to oversee these activities and coordinate planning among the jurisdictions.  A number of Area B studies have been completed over the years, including West Main Street, Venable, Lewis Mountain, and Blue Ridge Hospital.  The Southern Urban Area B Study is an update of a previous Area B study for this area completed in 1989 (known previously as the Jefferson Park Avenue – Fontaine Avenue Area B Study). 


Granger Property CPA Request – A Comprehensive Plan Amendment proposal has also been submitted by the owner of the “Granger” property to change the land use designation of this area to “Office Service” use.  The 69.5 acre Granger property is located south of the Norfolk Southern railroad track and is bounded by I-64 to the west, Sunset Avenue to the South, and Stribling Avenue and Moore’s Creek to the east.  The property is located within the boundary of the Southern Urban Area B Study area.  The County’s Comprehensive Plan’s Land Use Plan currently recommends this area for “Neighborhood Density Residential” (3-6 du/ac) use.  The Southern Area B Study recommends a combination of “Mixed-Use” and “High Density Residential” (16-24 du/ac) uses.  Since the Granger property is a key site within the Southern Urban Area B Study area, the Area B CPA and “Granger CPA” have been reviewed and discussed together in a unified process. 




The following information has been provided as attachments to this report:


Attachment A – Draft text amendments to the Neighborhood 5 and Neighborhood 6 Profiles incorporating the recommendations of the Southern Urban Area B Study including the recommendations regarding the Granger Tract.  The amendments reflective comments received from the Commission at the previous work sessions.  The amendment language is in blue and italic type, with deleted language in strike-through type.


Attachment B – Proposed land use map amendments including the addition of the Fontaine Ave. – Sunset Ave. Connector Road, the Stadium Road Connector and the change in recommended land use for the Granger Tract from Neighborhood Density Residential (3-6 du/ac.) to Office Service.


Attachment C – Draft text amendment to the Transportation section of the Land Use Plan incorporating discussion and recommendation for the development of the Fontaine Ave. – Sunset Avenue Connector Road and Stadium Road Connector and reference to an alternative alignment concept for the Southern Parkway.  The amendment language is in blue and italic type, with deleted language in strike-through type.


Attachments D and E – Copies of the staff reports from the November 2006 and January 2007 work sessions which provide project background, a discussion of the Area B Study recommendations and Granger Tract proposal, and staff’s analysis and recommendations regarding these proposals.  To simplify the contents of this report only selected attachments from the November and January work session staff reports have been provided here.  [NOTE: Not provided with the August 1 public hearing packet]




Staff recommends the Commission recommend approval of the Comprehensive Plan text and map amendments as provided in Attachments A, B and C of this report.



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