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Appropriation #2008006                                                                                                              $18,946.00


            Revenue Source:                        Federal Revenue                                     $ 18,946.00


The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) reimburses localities for compensation expenses incurred by correctional officers supervising aliens in local and regional jail facilities.  Reimbursement is given to localities even though the expenses are incurred by the correctional facility.  This is the second year of the program and actual reimbursements have been delayed.


The County of Albemarle is scheduled to receive $18,946.00 for FY06.  The City of Charlottesville’s reimbursement has not been finalized.  Both localities will be sending their respective reimbursements to the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail to reimburse it for its expenses.


The program is operated by the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Administration.  We have applied for a FY07 grant, however, the amount and date of reimbursement is unknown at this time.


Appropriation #2008008                                                                                                             $ 49,976.16


            Revenue Source:                        General Fund Balance                            $  49,976.16


The Community Relations Division has requested the reappropriation of $49,976.16 in unexpended FY07 funds:


·         $19,976.16 is planned to support several initiatives this summer for marketing of the ACE Program.

·         The County’s website is planned to undergo an enhancement project to procure a more technologically advanced content management system as well as to procure the services of a consultant to assist with a graphical redesign of the website to improve functionality and navigability.  It is anticipated that this project will require $30,000.00 in funding which will include the cost of consultant services, purchase of a content management system, and ongoing system upgrade and maintenance expense.


Appropriation #2008009                                                                                                              $ 82,200.00


            Revenue Source:                        Transfer from General Fund                     $  82,200.00


Three departments had funds appropriated in their operating budget for the purchase of additional motor vehicles that were a result of approved FY 2008 initiatives.  To streamline and simplify the purchasing process, this appropriation will transfer these funds from the General Fund to the Motor Vehicle Replacement Fund.



Appropriation #2008010                                                                                                             $100,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        Federal Revenue (Grant)             $100,000.00


The Department of Criminal Justice Services has awarded the Commission on Children and Families a grant in the amount of $100,000.00.  This grant will provide training and the continued services of the Family Functional Therapy program.  This will include staff training, manuals, and treatment services for the participants.  There is no local match.



Appropriation #2008011                                                                                                                $ 4,793.00


            Revenue Source:                        Board Contingency                                 $    4,793.00


Several minor budget adjustments occurred after the FY08 budget was officially appropriated by the Board.  These include an additional $3,240.00 in office supplies for Information Technology, an additional $1,553.00 for T.J. Soil and Water Conservation, and a reallocation of Total Rewards between the Office of Facilities Development and General Services.




Appropriation #2008012                                                                                                                $ 1,865.00


            Revenue Source:                        School Fund Balance                             $  1,865.00


Woodbrook Elementary School received a donation from various donors totaling $1,865.00.  These donations were made specifically to erect a bookroom in the memory of Ann Watson. The room will be called the Ann Watson Bookroom at Woodbrook Elementary School.  These monies were received in FY2006/07 and are requested for appropriation in FY2007/08.



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