Jefferson Institute for Lifelong Learning (JILL) Proposal at Albemarle High School



Proposal to build a new Jefferson Institute for Lifelong Learning (JILL) facility in conjunction with construction of the addition to Albemarle High School




Tucker, Foley, Davis, Trank, Breeden







August 1, 2007


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The School Board received a concept proposal on November 29, 2006, from Dr. Pam Moran that detailed an opportunity to explore a partnership between Albemarle High School and the Jefferson Institute for Lifelong Learning (JILL).  At the February 14, 2007, Joint Board meeting between the Board of Supervisors and School Board there was consensus to explore the concept of co-located and co-developed facilities and have staff identify the process for this to occur.  Attached is a proposal submitted on behalf of JILL that explains the need for additional space, the opportunity for collaboration with Albemarle High School, and a financing proposal.  The concept as presented would potentially create a site and facility model that shifts schools from being viewed as primarily school/local government facilities to one that includes private and non-profit use as well.


Currently, a school design committee is meeting with the architects to plan for the renovation at Albemarle High School.  The additional cost for architectural/engineering fees to include the scope of the JILL proposal will be $109,100 based on the statement of probable cost.  Additional discussions with the architects indicate they are prepared to begin the programming and schematic design phase for the JILL Center based on a partial scope of services.  It is proposed that the School Board expend a portion of the Schematic Design Fees to help establish the concept and design of how the Center may be integrated into AHS while maintaining its independence for JILL.  A fee of $10,000 would be needed to conduct the programming interviews with JILL representatives and ACPS and AHS representatives, finalize the program for the new space(s), evaluate appropriate relationships between the JILL space and the AHS programs and spaces, and develop conceptual plans illustrating the design options.  Once this effort is concluded and there is consensus among JILL and ACPS, preliminary budget estimates would be prepared allowing both parties to reach a conclusion on inclusion or exclusion from the overall additions / alterations of the project.  If the work proceeds with the overall project simultaneously, based on the schematic design developed under this arrangement, these fees would be credited against the full schematic design fee.




Goal One:  Enhance the Quality of Life for All Citizens




For many years the County has successfully utilized its facilities for more than one public purpose.  Regarding the use of school facilities, local government has partnered with the School system in the use of its facilities after normal school hours to conduct County recreation programs, public meetings and other community functions.  In addition, schools and local government are currently partnering in the proposed development of a School Office/Joint Storage Facility.  Beyond the use of school facilities, the County has supported the co-location of public facilities by including police satellite offices and community meeting rooms in all new fire rescue stations and is planning to provide other community uses in the construction of new libraries.  An additional innovation currently planned in the construction of the new Hollymead Fire Rescue station is the inclusion of student dorms in the facility to encourage volunteer staffing through the use of college

students.  As previously mentioned, the concept as presented for the JILL facility would potentially create a site and facility model that shifts schools from being viewed as primarily school/local government facilities to one that includes private and non-profit use as well.  However, it is not a new concept with regard to co-location, co-development and joint use of facilities.   


There is currently no commitment of the $10,000 by either JILL or the school system to conduct the initial phase of schematic design and the school system is continuing to move forward with the AHS project so that it will remain on schedule to deliver a schematic design for the school addition in September.  A decision to proceed with the $10,000 initial phase of schematic design to determine if and how the JILL proposal may be incorporated is needed by August 15.


The County as a whole will need to consider a number of issues prior to ultimately proceeding with a project of this nature including its implications for other potential requests in the future from other private/non-profit organizations.  Is it appropriate for the County to borrow on behalf of a private/non-profit organization? Given the County’s current challenges with the capital program and unmet needs, should the County commit its current debt capacity to private/non-profit projects?  What financial commitment would be needed from any private/non-profit partner if the County agrees to borrow money on its behalf?  Should private/non-profit organizations have to follow the same CIP process and timelines as other identified County school and government project proposals?  How would such a partnership between the County/School Board and a private/non-profit be structured legally?  Because the JILL proposal is being considered outside of the normal CIP process, is the County or School Board willing to delay other approved projects or reduce the current CIP reserve to fund the project?


Because this proposal calls for an addition to a school facility and would be located on school property, staff believes the Board of Supervisors should determine if the proposal is supported by the School Board prior to proceeding.  Regardless of the Board of Supervisors position on this matter, the School Board ultimately must approve this proposal for it to proceed.  The following are a few of the important questions staff anticipates the School Board will need to consider initially in making a decision regarding whether or not to support this proposal. 





This project would require an initial cost of $10,000 for a schematic design and, based on initial estimates, a final A & E cost of $109,100 and total construction cost of $1,600,000.




Staff recommends that the Board request the School Board to indicate its position on the proposal before taking any further action.  If the School Board supports this project, funds the $10,000 required to complete the initial phase of the schematic design, and decides to move this project forward, the School Board could then bring back a proposal to amend the CIP to fund the entire JILL project. 




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