CPA 04-02 Pantops Master Plan




Public Hearing on the Draft Pantops Master Plan to hear public comment and consider recommending the plan to the Board of Supervisors.





David Benish,  Rebecca Ragsdale




April 3, 2007






The Pantops Master Plan process has been underway since July 2003. This past spring and summer preliminary draft master plan elements were discussed with the public (May 28, 2006 and June 8, 2006 public meetings) and Planning Commission in four meetings (August 22, 29, and September 9, 19, 2006). These draft elements included public input themes and preliminary recommendations, a proposed Framework Map (Land Use), a proposed Green Infrastructure Map, and a proposed Transportation Map. Based on the Planning Commissionís direction during the summer work sessions, the Pantops Master Plan document was drafted by staff and revisions were made to the Framework and Green Infrastructure Maps. Similar to the series of meetings held in summer 2006, additional work sessions were conducted with the Planning Commission November 7, 21, and 28, 2006 to review the Pantops Master Plan draft by each chapter. The Commission made further recommendations to staff on revisions to be made to the master plan.




The major recommendations and goals of the master plan have not changed since the initial relaunch of the master plan process with the public last spring but have been elaborated in text and further refined. Based on work with the Planning Commission, stakeholders, County departments, and public comments since spring 2006, the Pantops Master Plan Draft has been developed. There has been some minor editing and revisions to reflect the Commissionís requested changes to the document made during their November work sessions. (Attachment A) Changes to note include the addition of a sixth Guiding Principle to address expectations for development and redevelopment in Pantops and revisions to the Green Infrastructure map following additional Parks and Recreation department input and for consistency with the Places 29 Master Plan mapping. Chapter 9-Implentation has also been completed and the Implementation Map updated. This list of priorities has not previously been reviewed by the Commission. 




Staff recommends the Commission review the draft Pantops Master Plan and hear public comment on the draft.  The Commission has the option of not acting on the draft if more discussion is needed and staff has scheduled an addditional work session, if needed, for April 24, 2007 meeting. The Commission may recommend the Plan to the Board of Supervisors, which has a work session tentatively scheduled on May 2, 2007 and a public hearing on Wednesday, June 13, 2007.




A.      Draft Pantops Master Plan, March 19, 2007

B.      Letter from Andrew Dracopoli, Vice President of Worrell Investment Company, Inc., dated March 21, 2007 commenting on Pantops Master Plan draft


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