Albemarle County Planning Commission

April 3, 2007

FINAL ACTION MEMO (Excerpt of Pantops Master Plan action summary)


CPA-2004-002, Pantops Master Plan

Public hearing on proposed amendments that would modify the Land Use Plan section of the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan for Neighborhood 3 (Pantops) with new land use policies, guidelines, recommendations, goals & strategies for future development within the Pantops Development Area, which includes an amendment to the boundary of Neighborhood 3 (Pantops) to remove a parcel (Wheeler Property, approx. 77 acres, Tax Map 62 Parcel 31). The amendment will include a guide that identifies the purpose & major findings & recommendations resulting from the Pantops master plan study; provide strategies for implementing the proposed Pantops master plan, including strategies for transportation, parks and recreation, illustrated on the map entitled “Pantops Master Plan Green Infrastructure”, redevelopment, funding improvements, & for implementing the plan; & provide guidelines for the form of development within the Pantops development area through narratives, maps, and illustrations. This amendment also will establish new comprehensive plan land use designations (Urban Mixed Use, Employment Mixed Use, Commercial Mixed Use, Institutional, Parks, and Green Space) for the Pantops development area & change existing designations throughout the Pantops development area, as shown on the map entitled " Pantops Master Plan: Framework Plan (Land Use).  (Rebecca Ragsdale)


In summary, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on CPA-2004-002, Pantops Master Plan to review the draft Pantops Master Plan and receive public comment on the draft.  The Commission prefers not to act on the request or to schedule the next work session until all of the outstanding issues have been addressed.  This would prefer a 4:00 p.m. work session due to the number of people interested in attending, including some residents that can’t drive after dark.  The Commission discussed the following issues and noted them as being important areas to focus on in the plan.


§         The long term road concept for possible future roadways beyond 20 years needs to be explored to find potential ways to deal with feasibility issues. 


§         The consistency of the Martha Jefferson Hospital/Peter Jefferson Place Plans with the proposed Pantops Master Plan.


§         Wheeler property proposal (for removal from the development area) needs to be further addressed (the owner has requested to be left in the development area).


§         Reassurance that the natural beauty and green space of the Pantops area will be maintained.


§         There need to be ways to mitigate the traffic along Route 250.


§         Need to preserve the Monticello view shed.


§         Stronger language is needed to set expectations for rezoning applications about public facilities, such as schools in the long term plan.  Add specific or more comprehensive language on fire/rescue services and community facilities and services, specifically recommendations for schools, fire station and libraries.


§         Review ways to address the preservation of Glenorchy Subdivision. Staff to provide update on the situation with VDOT/Gazebo Place Shopping Center, specifically the status of planning and construction for connector road from Gazebo Place/Hanson Mtn. Road through Glenorchy to Rt 250.


§         Explore options for ways to get more connections.  Show some general way to provide for some other general access.  There were two potential roads to delete or put in caveats on due to significant topographic restraints located behind Westminster Canterbury and Luxor. 


§         Add some comment/recommendation/strategy relating to the protection and enhancement of the river (including water quality) and to support the wildlife.  Some acknowledgment should be made in the process of reviewing projects for attention to be made to mitigate some of those impacts.  Need to look for opportunities to improve the condition of the river.


Staff reiterated the key issues to be worked on before the next hearing:


§         Follow up with Ms. Wheeler and review the 20-year scope of the plan with her;


§         Address Peter Jefferson Place and Martha Jefferson Hospital concerns and review the 20-year scope of the plan with their representatives;


§         Stronger language in the Community Facilities Plan;


§         Review priority areas to see how they mesh with the CIP;


§         Review Green Infrastructure section starting at page 30 to incorporate comments from the Southern Environmental Law Center; Consider the Southern Environmental Law Center’s comments regarding the need for more pointed language about revitalizing the Rivanna River and providing greater environmental protections from development;


§         Provide an update on the Glenorchy area/Gazebo Plaza and Hansen Mountain Road;


·         Follow up on recent comments from the Eastern Connector study regarding the need for additional local connections to see if there are any implications to the Pantops Master Plan as proposed;


§         Provide stronger language regarding the public facilities, which tie into other organization’s plans.  Staff may come back with some issues on that, particularly on the library plan, etc.  Staff will bring back some additional information on public facilities from other agencies.  Staff should talk with the post office since it is something that would be useful to this area.


Note:  The April 24th work session tentatively will likely not take place, but staff will post that on the web site, A-Mail and other methods.  Anyone interested in the review schedule can Ms. Ragsdale to keep up with this.



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