CPA 04-02 Pantops Master Plan




Work session on the Draft Pantops Master Plan; Discuss the draft recommended by the Planning Commission and consider setting public hearing for adoption of the plan.





David Benish,  Rebecca Ragsdale




August 1, 2007





The Pantops Master Plan process has been underway since July 2003. During spring and summer of 2006 preliminary draft master plan elements were discussed with the public and Planning Commission in four meetings. These draft elements included public input themes and preliminary recommendations, a proposed Framework Map (Land Use), a proposed Green Infrastructure Map, and a proposed Transportation Map. Based on the Planning Commission’s direction during the summer work sessions, the Pantops Master Plan document was drafted by staff and revisions were made to the Framework and Green Infrastructure Maps. Similar to the series of meetings held in spring/summer 2006, additional work sessions were conducted with the Planning Commission in November 2006 to review the Pantops Master Plan draft, in a chapter by chapter process. A summary of the entire public process is provided as Attachment A.  The Commission made further recommended changes to be made to the master plan and a public hearing was held with the Commission on April 3, 2007. Minutes and the action memo from the public hearing are provided as Attachment B. The Commission held an additional work session on June 5, 2007 and recommended the attached draft master plan for the Board’s consideration. The Staff Report, Action Memo, and minutes of June 5, 2007 Planning Commission work session are provided as Attachment C. The draft Pantops Master Plan, reflecting the Commission’s final recommendations and including the full appendix, is provided as Attachment D.




With few exceptions, the major recommendations and goals of the master plan have not changed since the initial relaunch of the master plan process with the public last spring but have been elaborated in text and further refined. Based on work with the Planning Commission, stakeholders, County departments, and public comments since spring 2006, the Pantops Master Plan Draft has been developed. There are several notable revisions the Planning Commission made following the public hearing and subsequent work session this June.  The draft plan no longer includes a change in the Development Area boundaries for Pantops, which previously included removal of the Wheeler Property at the time of public hearing. The recommended Plan before the Board of Supervisors also no longer includes a recommendation for the relocation of Hansens Mountain Road through Glenorchy.




The primary purpose of this work session with the Board is to provide an overview of the process to date and recommended draft Pantops Master Plan. The Board has several options on how to proceed, including holding additional work sessions or setting a public hearing, after which additional work sessions may also be held.



  1. Pantops Master Plan Planning Process and Public Participation Summary
  2. April 3, 2007 Planning Commission Staff Report, Action Memo, and Meeting Minutes
  3. June 5, 2007 Planning Commission Staff Report, Action Memo, and Meeting Minutes
  4. Draft Pantops Master Plan, dated August 1, 2007
    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 – Introduction

    Chapter 2 – Vision Statement & Guiding Principles

    Chapter 3 – Background

    Chapter 4 – Land Use and Places


    Chapter 5 – Green Infrastructure


    Chapter 6 – Transportation


    Chapter 7 – Design Principles

    Chapter 8 – Community Facilities

    Chapter 9 - Implementation



            A.         Pantops Development Area Existing Conditions Maps:

                        Aerial Overview

                        Current Land Use Designations

                        Current Zoning

                        Development Activity

            B.         Public Meeting Agendas and Summaries

            C.         Neighborhood Model Parks and Open Space Design Approaches


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