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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

July 2007



Albemarle County BOS Action Items


David Slutzky


Ken Boyd


Dennis Rooker

·        Old Ivy Road – Paving on this route was recently completed.  Re-striping has yet to be done.

·        Paving of Garth Road from Georgetown Road to Old Garth Road is scheduled for completion this season.  Trench widening will be performed to increase shoulder width where possible.

Dave Wyant


Sally Thomas


Lindsay Dorrier


Construction                                                                                               Active Construction Projects

Paving, pavement marking and shoulder stone placement is completed at the following areas: Rte. 250 from Rte. 151 to just east of the I-64 Rte. 250 interchange.

Rte. 742 (Avon St. Ext.) from Rte. 20 to 0.4 miles north of Rte. 1150.


Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

R/W is currently being negotiated.  VDOT, Albemarle County and Luck Stone met on July 20, 2007 to follow up discussions on the construction funding for this project.  Luck Stone has received plans for the project and is currently reviewing them.  VDOT will begin to draft a Memorandum of Agreement for the project and Luck Stone will determine if they will construct the project.  A meeting for these two items is scheduled for September

This project is fully funded.  The R/W phase continues with appraisals and negotiations ongoing.  Target date for right of way to be cleared remains November 2007.  Utility relocations will begin afterwards.  This project remains on schedule for a June 2008 advertisement.

Project funding update:  Additional funding as a result of HB 3202 has enabled the city to fully fund this project.  The city has accepted a new stormwater management design plan for the involved projects which will result in multiple facilities throughout both the county and city projects. 

District Design Staff continues work on plan updates based upon recent development impacts along this roadway. Once these updates and funding questions are resolved, a target advertisement date will be set. 

Basic Survey information has been plotted and work is underway to expand it to greater detail.  Design staff is reviewing information provided by the county to clarify certain areas where there are questions regarding easements and right-of-ways.  Additional survey resources from outside the district have been secured to expedite the completion of the survey work.  Mr. Greg Krystyniak, the VDOT project manager, has indicated a scoping meeting will be scheduled for August.

Aerial survey is scheduled to be available in August 2007.



The monthly update to the rural rustic program is attached to this report.



Planning, Permits and Land Development

Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Utility Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System






Traffic Engineering

Albemarle - Completed







Market Street

Between City Limits & dead end

Traffic calming

Does not quality; County advised

Rt 601 (Old Ivy)

At Railroad bridge

Add centerline

Not recommending

Rt 731 (Keswick)

Fr 250 to Rt 22

Edge lines

Not recommending

Rt 601 (Free Union)

Rt 601 & 676

Safety study of intersection

Additional signing added

Rt 1205 (Myrtle)

I 64 onramp at 250 @ Shadwell

Wrong way incident investigation

After review it was determined no action needed; signs adequate

Rt 29

@ Lewis & Clark

Signal warrant analysis

Traffic signal justified; developer will design and install







Albemarle – Being reviewed








Section of route east and west of entrance to Monticello

Safety and operational review

Review and analysis complete.  Recommendations being developed.

1521 (Powell Cr Dr)

Section of route where traffic calming measures installed

Perform follow up evaluation of the effectiveness of the  traffic calming measures

Speed study ongoing.

1090 (Lego Drive)

Entire route

Traffic calming

Comments received from Emergency Services; final design being prepared by TE for submittal to Ashcroft Community.

250 (Ivy Rd)

Near intersection with 682

Review of passing zone on Route 250

Finalizing sketch

250 (Richmond Rd)

I-64 interchange to High/River Rd intersection in Charlottesville

Coordinate signals on this corridor

Project in preliminary stages of scoping and design.  Meeting with City to include signal at Rt 250/High Street.

Rt 688 (Midway)

Off Miller School Road

Review for speed limit posting on un-posted road

Speed limit review

Rt 29

Between Polo Grounds & Hollymead

Speed limit review

TE is reviewing

Rt 854 (Carrsbrook)

Entire route

Traffic calming

TE is reviewing

Rt 742 & 1150 (Avon & Mill Creek)


Painted crosswalk

TE is reviewing

Rt 631 (Rio & Rt 29)


Reevaluation or removal of no U turn signs

TE is reviewing





























Maintenance work completed

Albemarle County

(Albevanna Springs), 627 (Carters Mtn), 631 (Rio), 674 (Clark), 692 (Plank), 693 (Stillhouse Creek),

710 (Taylors Gap), 745 (Arrowhead Valley), 727 (Blenheim), 795 (Blenheim/James Monroe Pkwy),

824 (Patterson Mill).

634 (Spring Valley), 643 (Rio Mills), 668 (Fox Mtn), 683 (Shelton Mill), 698 (Hungrytown), 702

(Reservoir), 717 (Old Sand), 720 (Harris Creek), 746 (Fosters Branch), 774 (Appleberry Mtn),

782 (Stribling Extd), 809 (Canterbury).

676 (Tilman), 677 (Bloomfield), 708 (Red Hill) and 736 (White Mtn/Pughs Store).

610  (Lonesome Mtn), 612 (hammocks Gap), 613 (Giannini Ln), 615 (Lindsay), 617 (Rockfish River),

625  (Hatton Ferry), 627 (Carters Mtn), 629 (Browns Gap Trnpk), 631 (Old Lynchburg), 632 (Faber),

633 (Cove Garden), 636 (Batesville), 637 (Dickwoods), 640 (Turkey Sag), 641 (Gilbert Station), 642

(Red Hill Depot), 645 (Wildon Grove), 646 (Lovers Ln), 658 (Barracks Farm), 661 (Reas Ford), 662

(Bleakhouse), 667 (Catterton), 668 (Chapel Springs), 670 (Damon), 671 (Millington), 673

(Breakheart), 691 (Jarmans Gap), 692 (Plank), 696 (Edge Valley), 697 (Sutherland), 699 (Boaz),

702 (Reservoir), 703 (Pocket Ln), 704 (Fortune), 708 (Dry Bridge), 710 (Taylors Gap), 711 (Burton),

714 (Riding Club), 715 (Esmont), 717 (Secretarys Sand), 718 (Murrays), 722 (Old Green Mtn),

723 (Sharon), 724 (Lewiston Ford), 725 (Dawsons Mill), 726 (James River), 735 (Mt Alto), 736

(White Mtn/Pughs Store), 746 (Fosters Branch), 753 (Paces Store), 754 (Loving), 760 (Red Hill Schl),

764 (Link Evans), 767 (Rabbit Valley), 770 (Mt Zion Church), 774 (Bear Creek), 775 (Rabbit Valley),

776 (Buck Mtn Ford), 778 (Johnsons), 782 (Stribling Extd), 784 (Doctors Xing), 800 (Schuyler)

804 (Thackers Ln), 805 (Henderson), 809 (Canterbury), 812 (Jim Lane), 813 (Starlight), 823 (Moose), 

821 (Blufton Mill), 826 (Emerys), 837 (Cover Schl Ln), 838 (Lackey), 841 (Covesville Store),

845 (Totier Creek), 856 (Burton Ln), 1302 (Hardware Hills Cir), 1422 (Dorrier), 1493 (Franklin).

692 (Plank), 693 (Stillhouse Creek) 694 (Miller Lake), 708 (Dry Bridge), 724 (Lewiston Ford),

738 (Morgantown), 810 (White Hall), 814 (Drovers Ln).


Planned Maintenance work – August 2007


Maintenance Budget




Rural Rustic Program 2007

Albemarle County


Grading and Pipe Installation (State Forces)


Week of August 6

Week of September 3

Week of October 1



Surface Treatment (Tar and Chip Seal) (Hired Equipment)


 Week of August 1 

Week of October 1



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