CIP Technical Review Team Charter


Charge: The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is the planning guide for County expenditures for major capital facilities and equipment and includes a 5-year approved CIP balanced to revenues and a ten-year Capital Assessment to identify long-term capital needs beyond the 5-year CIP.   The CIP Technical Review Team will assist the County in the CIP process by assuring that the technical aspects and costs of each of the requested projects have been well researched and documented.  The team will also review, evaluate and document the need for each project and make recommendations for priority funding based on the established CIP evaluation criteria. The CIP Technical Review Team will report their recommendations to the CIP Oversight Team.


Member Responsibilities:



Team Composition:  The CIP Technical Review Team is recommended to be composed of the following members:


Melvin Breeden                                 George Shadman

Joe Letteri                                          Brenda Neitz

Jackson Zimmermann                      David Benish

Steve Allshouse                                Jay Gauldin


Melvin Breeden, OMB Director will serve as the Team Leader to ensure that the Teamís work is documented and effectively communicated.                   


Time Frame:

The CIP Technical Team will meet as needed during the month of October.





June 15, 2006

Revised:  September 17, 2007


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