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October 3, 2007


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The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) serves as the major financial planning guide for County expenditures towards capital facilities and equipment over a five-year period. In a broad sense, the CIP is based on the physical needs of the County as identified in the Comprehensive Plan.  More specifically, projects emerge as a result of condition assessment surveys, space planning studies, transportation studies, capital maintenance needs, population growth, etc., usually conducted or identified by departments or divisions of the County and submitted to the CIP process as more fully described in Exhibit 1.


In recent years, the Board authorized modifications to the CIP process, most notably in the establishment of the CIP Technical Review Committee (TRC) and the CIP Oversight Committee (OC).  The respective charge for these committees is attached as Exhibits 2 and 3.  Other changes included modifications to the CIP Calendar to allow more time for the School Board to review projects in advance of their submittal to the Oversight Committee.  


These recent improvements have strengthened our review process and have enhanced our ability to complete the CIP process in a timely and effective manner.  That said, we believe further improvements or refinements may be necessary to achieve a successful process which is fully aligned with the objectives of the Board



Goal Three:  Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing needs.



The overriding goal in the design of the CIP process is to ensure that needed projects are properly identified, prioritized and estimated in a practical and timely manner to facilitate financial planning.  We acknowledge the time and financial limitations of the process and seek to find the right balance of research, study and analysis that goes into each proposal as we consider the myriad of projects against limited resources. 


The formation of the TRC was to provide a screening and review process which ensures that “….the technical aspects and costs of each of the requested projects have been well researched and documented” prior to submission to the Oversight Committee.  The TRC will also review, evaluate and document the need for each project to make recommendations for priority funding based on the established CIP evaluation criteria.


The purpose of the Oversight Committee is to assist the County by reviewing and evaluating the recommended CIP projects brought forward by the TRC.  In particular, the OC will “….ensure that the proposed CIP projects are aligned with County policies, established priorities and long term vision, as defined in the County’s Strategic Plan.  The Committee will also assure that the recommended 5-year CIP is aligned with approved financial policies and that the County’s financial stability is maintained through the prudent use of its resources.” 


In the spirit of continuous improvement, we believe we have made good progress in enhancing our CIP process; however, recent experience – perhaps most notably our review of the School Support Services Complex – suggests that more front-end work in the form of study, research and evaluation is necessary or expected.  Staff believes that we need to more clearly define the level or extent of pre-project planning.   


At the Board meeting on Wednesday, staff will provide an overview of the current CIP process; review the purpose and function of the TRC and OC; offer suggestions for potential additional process improvements; and solicit guidance from the Board as to modifications or improvements that help to align the process with the objectives of the Board.






Approval and confirmation of the current CIP process and calendar, with modifications as appropriate.



Attachment A – CIP Process Overview

Attachment B – CIP Technical Review Committee Charter

Attachment C – CIP Oversight Committee Charter
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