Attachment A


Appropriation #2007092                                                                                                            $498,500.00


            Revenue Source:                        General Fund Balance                $ 498,500.00


Several general government departments will require an additional appropriation to cover FY 2007 expenditures. This request will appropriate $498,500.00 from the General Fund Balance to the following departments:


                  The Circuit Court saw an unusually high number of multi-day jury trials during FY 2007 that resulted in the line item for juror expenses to be over-expended.  In addition, a new Circuit Court judge was appointed during FY 2007 resulting in an increase in books and subscriptions costs.


The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office was over budget due to a clerical error

that resulted in an insufficient amount of funding being distributed to this office

during the mid-year salary review of merit and reclassifications.  In addition,

two employees received annual leave pay-offs during FY 2007, and two employees

received pay-offs of accumulated comp time.


Based on the City Fire Contract terms, the FY 2007 payment due the City

exceeded the appropriated budget.


The regional jail’s budget was within projection however, the County’s share

of inmate population in proportion to other member entities was higher than

anticipated resulting in the County’s share of expenses being over the County’s



Worker’s Compensation Insurance was under budgeted.


The Office of Facilities Development was created in late FY 2007 and was

from existing funds within the General Services’ operating budget.  Start up

costs of this new department were slightly higher than anticipated resulting in

an over expenditure for FY 2007.


Salary and FICA for the one County-funded position exceeded the FY 2007






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