July 2008



A monthly communications report from the Albemarle County School Board to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


Gifted Advisory Committee Annual Report: At its June 12th meeting, the School Board received the annual report and recommendations regarding the educational needs of gifted children to the Superintendent for transmission to the School Board.  Mr. Jamie Symmers, Co-chairperson of the committee presented the report.


The Gifted Advisory Committee made the following recommendations:

1.       The Gifted Advisory Committee recognizes the potential of the International Baccalaureate program and supports further investigation of the program and dissemination of information to stakeholders.

2.       Increase Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT) Positions to 1 FTE/School (addition of 4.3 FTE total needed). The Gifted Advisory Committee strongly believes that high quality gifted services warrant a minimum of 1 full time GRT in every building. To reach equity across the Division and work effectively with talent development, advanced support of collaboration, differentiated instruction, and provide multiple opportunities for excellence, consideration of student enrollment needs to be considered when determining the FTE for GRT positions. Gifted resource teachers serve all students who need services, not just those who are formally identified as gifted. The need for additional staff in this area continues to be a request from parents and principals. Additional gifted education specialists could extend collaboration/differentiation and problem solving opportunities to more teachers/classrooms, include more students in more opportunities outside of the curriculum, and initiate talent development programs designed to close the achievement gap.

3.       Fund targeted staff development opportunities for GRTs related to higher level development and utilization of the Framework for Quality Learning. Development opportunities should also be provided for GRTs to further the depth of their program evaluation process.

4.       Conduct surveys regarding the delivery of services in schools so that we can better understand the needs and perceptions of services from students and stakeholders. The Baldrige Criteria will be used to establish guidelines for conducting the evaluation of services.


A copy of the full report and data can be found on the division website at under Reports to the Board.



K-10 Health Education Curriculum Framework:  At its June 12th meeting the Board was presented revisions of the K-12 Health Education Curriculum which are standards-based and concept-centered, going beyond the Standards of Learning to deepen understanding of those concepts and ideas, placing value on what is most important for students to understand, know and do in this discipline.  The K-10 Health Education Curriculum Framework includes interdisciplinary concepts, discipline concepts, enduring understandings, and habits of mind linked and mapped to the Virginia Standards of Learning.


FY 2009-10 Budget Calendar and Direction:  At its June 12th meeting, the School Board considered the revised budget calendar for Fiscal Year 2009-10.  The calendar will result in the presentation of the Superintendent’s Request based upon the direction of the Board through the Strategic Plan, the Superintendent and Board Goals, and specific Board direction issued during its meetings.



Goal Priorities and Metrics:


The Board identified at the June 2, 2008 Board Retreat three critical priorities about which to receive quarterly progress reports during the 2008-09 school year:


1. Implementation of the Framework for Quality Learning (FQL)

2. Achievement Gap, including implementation of the Professional Learning Community (PLC)

3. Teacher accountability and performance, including implementation of the Teacher Performance

Appraisal (TPA)


On June 26th, the Board will hold a work session to continue crafting the Division’s “strategic portfolio” for 2008-09 (that is, focusing on the major areas named above) through discussion of the metrics to be used by the

Division to measure and assess progress.



July Meetings:  The School Board will hold its regular meetings on July 10, 2008.


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