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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report

June 2008



Albemarle County BOS Action Items


David Slutzky

Ken Boyd

Dennis Rooker

Ann Mallek

Sally Thomas

Lindsay Dorrier

·        Turning Lane Extension, Route 20/53 – Construction on this safety improvement project is completed.

·        James River Road (Route 726) – A safety review of this route in the vicinity of the Totier Creek Reservoir is underway.


Construction                                                                                                       Active Construction Projects


0064-002-2060, 2061, SR04 Emergency Beam End Repairs to I-64 Bridges over Stockton Creek


(NFO) BR07-002-305, C501 Deck Repairs and Latex Overlay to I-64 WBL Bridge over Stockton Creek


(NFO)PM07-002-228, N501 Rte. 29 Pavement Overlay and Guardrail Upgrades


 ST-7B-08 Surface Treatment Schedule


SS-7B-08 Slurry Seal Schedule

Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

Utility relocation work remains ongoing.  The Charlottesville City Council has passed an ordinance to provide necessary easements from school property.  Design staff has been working on final revisions and administrative issues to allow a fall advertisement.

·        Meadow Creek Parkway, U000-104-102 (City portion)

Design staff has been working on final revisions and administrative issues to allow a fall advertisement.  Advertisement of this project is scheduled to occur concurrently with the county portion.

·        Route 691 Jarmans Gap Road, 0691-002-158, C501  

VDOT is working with County staff to develop a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that will allow the county to construct a portion of the project near the intersection of Crozet Avenue as part of the streetscape project. County staff has provided comments on the MOA and it is presently under review by VDOT District and Central Office staff.  

·        Route 656 Georgetown Road, 0656-002-254, C501

Preliminary design work is continuing.  The plans are currently in the Traffic Engineering section for review.  Among next steps is a July review by VDOT’s Utility Section as an effort to minimize the necessity for utility relocations s a result of drainage features.

·        Route 743 Advance Mills Bridge, 0743-002-282 P101, R201, C501, B658 (Permanent Replacement Project) A public hearing will be held Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at the Best Western Charlottesville Airport on Route 29 in Ruckersville from 5:00-7:00 PM.  The Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) has responded to VDOT’s archaeological report by concurring with the recommendation that no additional survey is necessary.  The VDHR also concurred with the assessment that the project will have an Adverse Effect on the Advance Mills Historic District.  A draft memorandum of agreement (MOA) to mitigate these effects during the project is currently under review by the VDHR, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Consulting Parties.




Route 806 (Estes Ridge Road)

Week of July 7th

Route 765/668 (Walnut Level Road)

Late July

Route 722 (Green Mountain Road)

Mid August



Planning, Permits and Land Development


Land Development Items

Total This Month

Total This Fiscal Year

Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



Total Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



Inspection of new entrance conducted



Miles of Street Accepted in the State System




Traffic Engineering














Being reviewed








Rt 729

Rt 53 to 618

Speed study

Reports being finalized; forwarding to Regional TE for review

Rt  618

Rt 53 to 620

Speed study

Reports being finalized; forwarding to Regional TE for review

Rt 805

@ 601

Safety review

Traffic device installation to be scheduled

Rt 250


Two way left turn lane  (Safety, access and pavement marking review)

Field modifications being drafted

Rt 29

Hollymead to Proffitt

Pavement marking review; request lane shift

Scheduling modifications.

Rts 631/743

Rio & Hydraulic

Pedestrian Study

Field modifications being drafted




















Maintenance work completed

§         Patching operations completed on Routes 20, 53, 606 (Dickerson), 618 (Martin Kings), 662

(Bleakhouse), 666 (Allen), 683 (Shelton mill), 708 (Secretarys), 791 (Wyant), 797 (Hillsboro),

1030 (Lonicera Way), 1445 (key West), 1772 (Montaicino Way)

(Rio Mills), 668 (Fox Mtn), 671 (Wesley Chapel), 672 (Blufton), 674 (Clark), 678 (Ridge), 683

(Shelton mill), 688 (Midway), 689 (Pounding Creek), 694 (Miller lake), 695 (Crown Orchard), 702

(Reservoir), 711 (Burton), 745 (Arrowhead Valley), 782 (Stribling), 824 (Patterson mill), 856 (Burton)

§         Mowing on Routes 602 (Howardsville Trnpk), 607 (Red Row), 626 (James River), 630 (Green Creek)

631  (Appleberry Mtn), 633 (Cove Garden), 655 (Christmas Hill), 664 (Markwood), 666 (Allen), 667

(Catterton), 671 (Davis Shop), 680 (Browns Gap), 684 (Mint Springs), 704 (Fortune), 708 (Secretarys),

714 (Fortune), 716 (Forsyth), 717 (Secretarys Sand), 719 (Alberene), 722 (Old Green), 723 (Sharon),

724 (Lewiston Ford), 727 (Blenheim), 728 (Ed Jones), 731 (Keswick), 735 (Mount Alto), 753

(Paces Store), 757 (Nelson), 762 (Rose Hill Church), 764 (Link Evans), 780 (Old Lynchburg), 788

(Railroad), 792 (Stump Town), 793 (Serene), 795 (Presidents), 800 (Schuyler), 811 (Jones Mill),

826 (Emerys Ln), 854 (Carrsbrook)

§         Cleared pipes and ditch work on Routes 240, 600 (Watts Passage), 630 (Green Creek), 635 (Craigs

Store), 637 (Dickwoods), 663 (Buck Mtn), 676 (Tilman), 677 (Bloomfield), 677 (Old Ballard), 689

(Burches Creek), 689 (Pounding Creek), 704 (Fortune), 728 (Ed Jones), 797 (Hillsboro), 810 (White

Hall), 1201 (Blue Ridge), 1445 (Key West)

Mill), 626 (Langhorne0, 627 (Frys Path), 637 (Dickwoods), 649 (Proffitt), 658 (Barracks Farm), 666

(Allen), 677 (Old Ballard), 678 (Owensville), 691 (Castle), 693 (Stillhouse Creek), 731 (Keswick),

743 (Hydraulic), 744 (Hacktown), 747 (Preddy Creek), 844 (Panorama), 1325 (Gloucester), 1407

(Bennington), 1419 (Marlboro)

§         Trash pickup to include adopt-a highway pickups on Routes on 29, 240, 250, 633 (Heards Mtn),

291 (Ortman)

§         Traffic Control for various routes for power lines down.

§         Patching Contractor working across Albemarle County.

§         Remove debris and cut brush around bridges on Routes 6, 715 (Esmont).

§         Repair bridge rail on Route 637 (Dickwoods).

§         Remove Timber deck and steel beams on Route 605 (Durrett Ridge).

§         Repair damaged section of pipe on Route 643 (Polo Grounds) and 704 (Fortune).


Planned Maintenance work – July  2008



Maintenance Budget

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