Board Strategic Plan Work Session



Work Session in Preparation for Board’s October 24 Strategic Planning Retreat



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Elliott, and Davis, and Ms. L. Allshouse





October 8, 2008


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Since 2001, the Board of Supervisors has provided a leadership role in the County’s strategic planning effort. The Board adopted the County’s current FY07– FY10 Strategic Plan in July 2006 and directed staff to continue its focus on enhancing the County’s quality of life, protecting its natural resources, managing growth, developing infrastructure, and creating a long-range, comprehensive funding strategy. 


Each fall, the Board holds a retreat to either begin a new strategic planning cycle or to make adjustments to the current plan. At these retreats, the Board reviews annual performance, new data, emerging trends, citizen priorities and provides guidance to staff. The Board also recommends changes to the Plan to address emerging trends and challenges. Board discussions at the fall retreats serve to inform and guide the long-range and annual operating budget processes that commence shortly thereafter.


At the fall 2006 and 2007 retreats, the Board provided additional guidance to staff on comprehensive long-range funding, master planning, and transportation objectives. During the 2007 Retreat, the Board reviewed and discussed emerging public safety challenges facing the County. As a result of these discussions, the Board incorporated a public safety objective into the current plan in June 2008.


In an effort to continuously improve the strategic planning process, staff met with the Board Chair and Vice Chair to discuss the County’s planning efforts and to identify potential topics for the 2008 Retreat, which is scheduled for October 24. The Chair and Vice Chair suggested that this year the Board should review its strategic planning priorities, discuss emerging trends and the financial challenges facing the County. Further, the Board should determine whether to continue to pursue all identified priorities, make adjustments in time lines and/or levels of performance, and/or pursue alternative strategic options. Since there is much to discuss this year, the Chair and Vice Chair recommended staff hold two sessions this fall.



The Board’s Strategic Plan Work Session and the Annual Retreat



To ensure the Board has ample time for discussion at the Retreat, staff will hold a work session on October 8 to present information on past performance, changing data and trends, and the 2008 Citizen Survey results.


At this work session, Lori Allshouse, Manager of Strategic Planning and Performance, will present highlights from the County’s annual Strategic Plan progress report, Dr. Thomas Guterbock, Director of the UVA Center for Survey Research, will present the results of the 2008 Citizen Survey, and Steve Allshouse, Coordinator of Research and Analysis, will highlight emerging trends included in the 2008 Community Profile. Additional information will be provided to the Board during the work session for their review prior to the Strategic Planning Retreat on October 24th.



The Strategic Plan provides direction for the County’s annual budget and the Five-Year Financial Plan processes.



This work session is intended to help the Board increase its understanding of the County’s performance, citizen expectations and emerging trends, and to provide the Board a notebook of materials to be used in preparation for the October 24th Strategic Planning Retreat.  No action is required.


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