Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) Jurisdictional Area Amendment Request for Water Service



Public hearing for Jurisdictional Area Boundary amendment to provide water service to the existing structure on Tax Map 78, Parcel 36 located on Route 250, near the I-64 interchange (Shadwell Exit).



Messrs Tucker, Foley, Davis, and Benish





February 25, 2009


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The applicant is requesting ACSA Jurisdictional Area designation for water service to a 2.33 acre parcel with one existing single-family home (Attachment A).  The parcel is located on the east side Route 250, just south of the I-64 interchange eastbound on-ramp of the Shadwell Exit (Attachment B).  The parcel is located entirely within the designated Rural Areas (Rural Area 4) and is in the Scottsville Magisterial District.  The existing well serving the home has recently been tested and confirmed to be contaminated with E. coli bacteria, and there also is the presence of a petroleum smell in the water. The comments from the Virginia Department of Health are attached (Attachment C).  The source of the petroleum odor has not been determined as of the writing of this report. 


Four adjacent parcels to the north of this property (Tax Map 78, Parcels 34, 35, 60, 60A) are within the ACSA Jurisdictional Area for “Water only” and all of these parcels appear to have been included in the early 1980’s with the creation of ACSA Jurisdictional Areas. This area contains the Comfort Inn Motel, a parking lot and a residential structure.  Another parcel just to the east of this property (TMP 78-43A) was added to the ACSA Jurisdictional Area in 2002 with a “Water Only to Existing Structures” designation. Water quantity issues (dry wells) were the basis for that property to be added to the Jurisdictional Area.



Objective 2.2 Protect and/or preserve the County's natural resources.



The Comprehensive Plan provides the following concerning the provision of public water and sewer service:


“General Principle: Urban Areas, Communities, and Villages are to be served by public water and sewer (p. 114).”


“Provide water and sewer service only to areas within the ACSA Jurisdictional Areas (p. 130).”


 “Follow the boundaries of the designated Development Areas in delineating Jurisdictional Areas (p.130).”


“Only allow changes in the Jurisdictional Areas outside of the designated Development Areas in cases where the property is: 1) adjacent to existing lines; and 2) public health and/or safety is in danger (p. 130).”


Water and sewer services by policy are intended to serve the designated Development Areas where growth is encouraged and are to be discouraged in the Rural Areas because utility services are a potential catalyst to growth. 


Water supply and system capacities need to be efficiently and effectively used and reserved to serve the Development Areas.  Continued connections of properties in the Rural Areas result in further extension of lines from the fringe of the existing Jurisdictional Area and into the Rural Areas, potentially straining limited water resources and capacity.


The applicant has provided information confirming E. coli and petroleum contamination and some water quantity issues.  Information has also been provided from a well driller indicating limited opportunity for a viable new well on-site.  It should be noted that E. coli contamination can potentially be treated and eliminated in certain circumstances.  It is not clear at this time whether the E. coli contamination on this site could be remediated.  However, given the overall circumstances in this case, which includes a petroleum contamination and the general history of water quantity problems on this site and in the immediate area, staff finds that this request meets both criteria for the provision of service to Rural Area parcels (adjacency to existing service lines and documented health and safety issue).  Based on the documented presence of E. coli bacteria contamination and odors in the water supply, staff recommends amendment of the ACSA Jurisdictional Area for water service only to the existing structure, which is a single-family residence.   



The property owner will bear the costs for the water connection.



After the public hearing, staff recommends that the Board amend the ACSA Jurisdictional Area to include Tax Map 78, Parcel 36 for water only to the existing structure (one single-family residence).     




A – Applicant’s Request

B -- Location Map (with currently ACSA Jurisdictional Area designations)

C – Thomas Jefferson Health District comments

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