Crozet Library Steering Committee


Guiding Principles



1. Create a library that helps enhance and develop a sense of community identity.


2. The new library should be a focal point and destination for downtown Crozet and the region.


3. The design should bridge the past, present and future of Crozet and help foster a relationship between “old timers” and those new to the area.


4. Design should be consistent with the JMRL Crozet Library Program and the approved MasterPlan.


5. The new Crozet Library needs to meet all of the State standards for a Virginia Library to support the educational, informational, and recreational needs of the community.


6. Design should employ sustainable design principles with objective of achieving at least LEED Certification.


7. Design should be compatible with the surrounding architecture, character, and heritage of Crozet.


8. Project must be completed within budget and in accordance with project schedule.


9. Library design should be practical, economical, accessible, flexible and efficient so as to minimize initial cost outlay and future operational costs.


10. The library should be a welcoming and great place for children, teens, adults, the elderly and staff.


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