Performance Standards from Section 4.14:



No use shall hereafter be established or conducted in any industrial district in any manner in violation of the following standards of performance:


4.14.1 NOISE

All sources of noise (except those not under direct control of occupant of use, such as vehicles) shall be subject to and comply with section 4.18.

( 4.14-12-10-80; Ord. 00-18(3), 6-14-00) (Repealed 6-14-00) (Repealed 6-14-00)



The produce of displacement in inches times the frequency in cycles per second of earthborne vibrations from any activity shall not exceed the values specified below when measured at the points indicated. METHOD OF MEASUREMENT

Earthborne vibrations shall be measured by means of a three component recording system, capable of measuring vibration in three mutually perpendicular directions. The displacement shall be the maximum instantaneous vector sum of the amplitude in the three directions. MEANING OF TERMS

Vibrations means the periodic displacement of oscillation of the earth.


Area of Measurement


Type of vibration


At residential district boundaries




At other lot lines

within district






Impulsive (100 per

minute or less)





Less than 8 pulses

per 24 hours






4.14.3 GLARE

No direct or sky reflected glare, whether from flood lights or from high temperature processes such as combustion, welding or otherwise, so as to be visible beyond the lot


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Performance Standards

Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance



line, shall be permitted except for signs, parking lot lighting and other lighting permitted by this ordinance or required by any other applicable regulation, ordinance or law. However, in the case of any operation which would affect adversely the navigation or control of aircraft, the current regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration shall apply.




Rules of the State Air Pollution Control Board shall apply within Albemarle County. Such rules and regulations include coverage of: emission of smoke and other emissions from stationary sources; particulate matter; odor; particulate emission from indirect heating furnaces; open burning; incinerators; and gaseous pollutants.



Rules of the State Water Control Board shall apply within Albemarle County.



There shall be no radioactivity emission which would be dangerous to the health and safety of persons on or beyond the premises where such radioactive material is used. Determination of existence of such danger and the handling of radioactive materials, the discharge of such materials into the atmosphere and streams and other water, and the disposal of radioactive wastes shall be by reference to and in accordance with applicable current regulations of the Department of Energy, and in the case of items which would affect aircraft navigation or the control thereof, by applicable current regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration, and any applicable laws enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia or the requirements of the Virginia Air

Pollution Act, whichever is greater.



There shall be no electrical disturbance emanating from any lot which would adversely affect the operation of any equipment on any other lot or premises and in the case of any operation which would affect adversely the navigation or control of aircraft, the current regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration shall apply.



Each future occupant of an industrial character shall submit to the county engineer as precedent to issuance of a zoning compliance clearance a certified engineer's report describing the proposed operation, all machines, processes, products and by-products, stating the nature and expected levels of emission or discharge to land, air and/or water or liquid, solid or gaseous effluent and electrical impulses and noise under normal operations, and the specifications of treatment methods and mechanisms to be used to control such emission or discharge. The county engineer shall review the applicant's submittal and make comment and recommendation prior to final commission action on the site development plan. (Amended 9-9-92)


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