Certified Engineer’s Reports


According to Zoning Ordinance section 18-4.14.8, Albemarle County requires a certified engineer’s report prior to issuing a zoning compliance clearance or home occupation permit for uses of an industrial character. The certified engineer’s report must be reviewed by the County Engineer (or designee).


A certified engineers report shall consist of;


Type 1: For uses which will have no discharge, noise, vibration, smell, lighting, emissions, impulses or radiation beyond a normal office or residential use, and will not store any hazardous materials, a letter from the owner with the following information will suffice as a certified engineer’s report;

1.      a description of the business and the physical process involved.

2.      a description of any machinery and operations.

3.      a statement or explanation for meeting each of the performance standards of section 18-4.14; noise, vibration, glare, air pollution, water pollution, radioactivity, electrical interference.

Examples of type 1 uses might be offices or warehouse storage of clothes or home occupations for wood workers.  An example letter is available.


Type 2: For uses which will have any discharge, noise, vibration, smell, lighting, emission, impulse or radiation which might reasonable be expected to exceed the performance standards of 18-4.14.4 at any time, or which have any permit requirements from DEQ, EPA, Health Department or other local, state or federal agency, a full certified engineers report is required.  This report must contain a signed and dated seal from a professional engineer.  It must contain copies of any local, state or federal permits.  It must contain plans and descriptions of physical and operational measures to meet all of the performance standards, with actual supporting measurements and data where applicable.  Examples of type 2 uses might be a contractor’s office and storage yard or equipment repair shop, or a manufacturer of electrical components.



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