WHEREAS, the County of Albemarle Personnel Policy Manual has been adopted by the Board of Supervisors; and


            WHEREAS, the proposed change to Personnel Policy §P-23, Performance Review, extends the date by which a permanent employee shall receive an annual performance review from May 15th to June 1st of each year; and


            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors desires to adopt the revisions to Personnel Policy §P-23.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia, hereby adopts Personnel Policy §P-23, Performance Review, of the County of Albemarle Personnel Policy Manual, as attached hereto and incorporated herein, effective March 4, 2009.






§P-23                                                 PERFORMANCE REVIEW


         The Board believes that the primary purpose of a performance review is to inform employees about their abilities, contributions, and level of performance, and to offer constructive help as to how they might improve.


         The Board endorses a regular system of performance reviews and recognizes that this system is designed to:


A.      Maintain or improve each employee’s job satisfaction by showing an interest in his/her development.

B.      Serve as a systematic guide in planning further improvement in job performance.

C.     Assure a considered opinion of an employee’s performance.

D.     Assist in determining and recording special talents, skills, and/or deficiencies.

E.      Provide an opportunity for each employee to discuss concerns about his/her job.

F.      Assemble data for use as a guide for such purposes as wage adjustments, promotions, training opportunities, disciplinary action, reassignment, and dismissal.




A.         Probationary Terms – The probationary term is a six-month period of continuous employment in one position during which every new employee shall demonstrate his/her ability to perform the job.  Police Officers who have no previous experience in Virginia Law Enforcement, and Communication Officers and Supervisors of the Emergency Operations center serve a twelve-month probationary period.  If this performance is not satisfactory, the employee may be released without further obligation.  During the probationary period, the supervisor will meet with the new employee at the end of the third and sixth month in order to provide input about the employee’s progress.  The probationary performance review must be of an overall satisfactory rating for an employee to become a permanent staff member.


At the supervisor’s request (made to the Director of Human Resources), an employee’s probationary period may be extended if he misses 10% or more of the available work time, due to an illness or temporary disability, during the probationary period.  This extension shall be for no more than the number of work days the employee was absent.


Employees who are promoted into positions in higher pay ranges may be required, by the supervisor, to serve an additional probationary period.  If unsuccessful in completing this probationary period, the employee will be considered for any vacancies that occur in his previous job classification.


Likewise, an employee who has moved voluntarily to a lower pay grade, may be required by his supervisor to complete an additional probationary period. If unsuccessful in completing this subsequent probationary period, the employee will be considered for any vacancies for which he is qualified.


Employees who are promoted into positions in higher pay ranges, or who voluntarily move to positions in lower pay ranges, shall not be entitled, upon successful completion of a subsequent probationary period, to a salary increase at that time.


B.         Each permanent employee shall receive an annual performance review by May 15th June 1st of each year unless specific reasons are given to the employee, in writing, for an extension.  The performance review will be conducted by the department head or designee.  Reviews of performance may be conducted on a more frequent basis when desirable.  However, in no case will the review be held less frequently than once a year.


C.        Unsatisfactory Evaluation – A classified employee who receives an overall unsatisfactory evaluation will be re-evaluated in three months in order to assess progress shown by the employee.  An employee who receives two consecutive overall ratings of unsatisfactory may be subject to dismissal.  It shall remain the responsibility of the department head/designee to point out in writing specific areas of weakness and to suggest constructive ways to improve job performance.


D.        Performance reviews will be made on forms provided by the Human Resources Department, and a signed copy will be included in the employee’s personnel file.  A copy will also be given to the employee.


Amended:  August 7, 1996


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