MARCH 11, 2009




3:00 P.M. ROOM 241



1.         Call to Order.


2.         Work Session:  FY 2009-10 County Budget: 


a.         Board Discussion/Wrap Up

b.         Set 2009 Tax Rates for Public Hearing

c.         Approve Proposed Budget for Public Hearing


3.         Adjourn.






1.         Call to Order.

2.         Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Moment of Silence.

4.         From the Board:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

5.         From the Public:  Matters Not Listed for Public Hearing on the Agenda.

6.         Consent Agenda (on next sheet).

7.         SP-2008-0057. Charlottesville Kingdom Hall (Sign #11). PROPOSED: Renewal of expired S.U.P. SP-2004-002 currently in site development process.  Request for S.U.P. to allow a Church. ZONING CATEGORY/ GENERAL USAGE: R-2 Residential - 2 units/acre and R-4 Residential - 4 units/acre. SECTION: Sections and of the Zoning Ordinance which allow for Churches. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY:  Neighborhood Density Residential - residential (3-6 units/acre) and supporting uses such as religious institutions and schools and other small-scale non-residential uses in Neighborhood 5. ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes. LOCATION: 665 Old Lynchburg Road (Rt 631), at the intersection of Old Lynchburg Road and Sunset Avenue Extended. TAX MAP/PARCEL: 76/51. MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Scottsville.

8.         SP-2009-001. Montessori Community School-Pantops Mountain (Signs #105&106). PROPOSED: Special Use Permit (SP) request to extend approval for an existing special use permit (SP 06-038) for a private school to allow for replacement of modular trailers with permanent buildings for 40,700 square feet of total building area on a 6.71 acre site.  ZONING CATEGORY/GENERAL USAGE: CO Commercial Office - offices, supporting commercial and service uses; and residential use by special use permit (15 units/ acre).SECTION: Private School. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY: Urban Density Residential - residential (6.01-34 units/acre) and supporting uses such as religious institutions, schools, commercial, office and service uses in Neighborhood 3 (Pantops) Development Area. ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes. LOCATION: 305 Rolkin Road, adjacent to the NW of the intersection of Rolkin Road and Richmond Road (Route 250).TAX MAP/PARCEL: TMP 78-12A and 12A1. MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Rivanna.

9.         SP-2008-0032. Central Virginia Recycling Center (Signs #49&52). PROPOSED: Special Use Permit on approximately 25 acre portion of a 100.261 acre parcel and a .23 acre parcel containing a central well. Proposal is to receive wood products from timber, stumps, and wood waste from construction, shipping and excavation and then processed/recycled by grinding, chipping, dying and composting into mulch and wood biofuel; conduct both retail and wholesale sales of the products at the site; site would include two-story building to hold offices, vehicle repair and wash bays; guardhouse at site entry; and multiple bins to hold the finished wood products.  Materials to be processed and while composting would be placed in multiple max 12' high mounds. Hours/days of operation proposed from 7 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday and 7 AM to 1 PM Saturday. ZONING CATEGORY/GENERAL USAGE: RA -- Rural Areas: agricultural, forestal, and fishery uses; residential density (0.5 unit/acre in development lots). SECTION: 10.2.2 (14) Sawmills, planning mills and woodyards. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY:  RA Rural Areas - preserve and protect agricultural, forestal, open space, and natural, historic and scenic resources/density (.5 unit/acre in development lots); EC Entrance Corridor - Overlay to protect properties of historic, architectural or cultural significance from visual impacts of development along routes of tourist access. ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes. LOCATION: 4545 Richmond Road; South side of Richmond Rd. (Rt 250 East) at its intersection with Three Chopt Road (Rt 794), approximately 1,325 feet west of Union Mills Rd. (Rt 759) and Black Cat Rd. (Rt. 616). TAX MAP/PARCEL:  TMP 94-21N and TMP 94-21N1 (well lot). MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT:  Scottsville.

10.        From the Board:  Committee Reports and Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

11.        Adjourn.




C O N S E N T   A G E N D A





6.1        Approval of Minutes:  April 2 and June 11, 2008.


6.2        Acquisition of Conservation Easements (ACE) Ranking Order for FY 2008-09 Applicant Class.




6.3        2008 Annual Report of the Board of Zoning Appeals.


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