AGENDA TITLE: SP 2007-00052 Nortonsville Church of God



SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST: Addition of 14,000 square foot Family Life and Music Center for up to 500 attendees to existing church.







AGENDA DATE: June 10, 2009



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At the April 21, 2009 Planning Commission meeting, the Commission directed staff to add a condition of approval that would provide screening for two adjacent properties—Tax Map 9 Parcel 3 and Tax Map 9 Parcel 6H. This screening was intended to limit the visual impacts of the church improvements and activities on the neighboring properties, and to prevent debris from blowing off the site.




Screening the site can be done several ways, and new proposed condition (see below) is intended to provide the applicants and the neighbors enough flexibility to work out screening solutions that work best for them. The church will need flexibility in order to provide screening along boundaries where planted buffers might interfere with septic fields or existing parking areas.


The recommended condition (number 10 below) for screening this use from TMP 9-6H refers to the boundary between the church parcel and TMP 9-6C, rather than to TMP 9-6H. This is intentional—while TMP 6-H is the parcel being screened, two very narrow strips of TMP 9-6C and 9-6D, which provide space for a driveway, lie between the church property and TMP 9-6H.




Staff recommends approval of SP 2008-00029 South Plains Presbyterian Church with the following conditions:


1.                   The development of the site shall be in general accord with the “Conceptual Site Plan” prepared for Nortonsville Church of God by TCS Engineering Co., LLC, dated April 3, 2009 (hereinafter, the "Conceptual Plan"), provided that the maximum building size shall be governed by Condition 2 rather than the Conceptual Plan. Minor variations from the Conceptual Plan may be approved by the Zoning Administrator in conjunction with site plan review to ensure compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.

2.                   The footprint of the building identified on the Conceptual Plan as “Proposed Multi-Purpose Building” shall not exceed 15,500 square feet.

3.                   A dwelling used by the church's staff, located within the church, may be permitted as an accessory use.

4.                   All structures shall meet commercial setback standards as set forth in Section 21.7(b) of the Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance. The tot lot is not subject to this condition.

5.                   A fire-suppression water supply meeting the approval of the Albemarle County Fire/Rescue Department shall be required before approval of the preliminary site plan for this use.

6.                   Health Department approval of well and/or septic systems.

7.                   All outdoor lighting shall be only full cut-off fixtures and shielded to reflect light away from all abutting properties. A lighting plan limiting light levels at all property lines to no greater than 0.3 foot candles shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator or their designee for approval.

8.                   There shall be no day care center or private school on site without approval of a separate special use permit;

9.                   If the use, structure, or activity for which this special use permit is issued is not commenced within sixty (60) months after the permit is issued, the permit shall be deemed abandoned and the authority granted thereunder shall thereupon terminate.

10.               The applicant shall install and maintain a vegetative buffer, a fence, or a combination thereof, along the shared boundary line between TMP 9-3 and TMP 9-4, from the intersection of the boundary lines of TMP 9-3, TMP 9-4, and the Simmons Gap Road public right-of-way, to a point where the paved parking area on TMP 9-4 along the shared boundary line ends, and along the shared boundary line between TMP 9-4 and TMP 9-6C parallel to Silver Lace Lane, from the intersection of the boundary lines of TMP 9-4, TMP 9-6C, and the Simmons Gap Road public right-of-way. The purpose of the vegetative buffer and the fence is to provide visual screening of the uses and structures on TMP 9-4 from TMP 9-3 and TMP 9-6H, and to minimize dust and debris moving from TMP 9-4 onto TMP 9-3 or TMP 9-6H. Any vegetative buffer shall consist of a naturalistic pattern of multi-species trees and shrubs, as listed in the brochure titled “Native Plants for Conservation, Restoration, and Landscaping: Piedmont Plateau,” published by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. These plantings are to be arranged in a density that would mitigate views of the parking area, with a spacing allowing the natural form/habit of the plant material to be recognized. Any fence installed along these boundaries shall be at least four feet tall and shall be opaque. The vegetative buffer, the fence, or a combination thereof shall be installed before the certificate of occupancy is issued for the building identified on the Conceptual Plan as the “Multi-Purpose Building.”


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