OCTOBER 14, 2009







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4.          From the Board:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

5.          From the Public:  Matters Not Listed for Public Hearing on the Agenda.

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7.         To amend the Six Year Secondary Road Priority List that was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 13, 2009.  The proposed amendment will remove Dickerson Road (Rt. 606) and add Broomley Road bridge over the Buckingham Road railroad.

8.         PROJECT:  SP-2008-009. Animal Wellness Center.  PROPOSED: Veterinary Clinic for small animals. ZONING CATEGORY/GENERAL USAGE: DCD Downtown Crozet District-variety of commercial uses including office, retail, service, and civic uses; residential uses if mixed use (up to 36 units/acre); light industrial uses by special use permit. SECTION: 20B.2.E.17 Veterinary offices and animal hospitals. Veterinary office and hospital;  5.1.11 Commercial Kennel, Veterinary Service, Office Or Hospital, Animal Hospital, Animal Shelter. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY: Community of Crozet, CT5 Neighborhood Center in the Crozet Master Plan which allows for a mix of uses and residential types at net densities of up to 12 units per acre; up to 18 units per acre if in a mixed use setting and CT 1 Development Area Preserve. ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes. LOCATION: 1100 Crozet Avenue/Route 240, approx. 400 feet south of the intersection of Jarmans Gap Road and Crozet Avenue. TAX MAP/PARCEL: 056A2-01-00-00700. MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT:  White Hall.

9.         STA-2008-001. Rural Areas 2-lot street standard; single point of access.  Amend Sections 14-207, Rural subdivisions, 14-224.1, Waiver of certain requirements by the agent, 14-225.1, Waiver of certain requirements by the planning commission, 14-404, Lot location to allow access from lot onto street or shared driveway, 14-412, Standards for private streets only, and 14-434, Completion of on-site improvements required prior to plat approval, of Chapter 14, Subdivision of Land, of the Albemarle County Code.  This ordinance would amend Sec. 14-207 by making rural subdivisions subject to Sec. 14-404 if any proposed lot would have less than five hundred (500) feet of frontage on a major rural street identified on the map adopted as Appendix A to the Subdivision Ordinance; Secs. 14-224.1 and 14-225.1 by transferring from the planning commission to the subdivision agent the authority to grant waivers permitted under Secs. 14-404 and 14-412; Sec. 14-404 by requiring that a subdivision plat establish a single public or private access into the subdivision from an existing public or private street, by requiring that the proposed street provide such access for all lots within the subdivision, and by amending the procedure for waiving that requirement and the criteria for approving a waiver; Sec. 14-412 by establishing new design standards for private streets serving 2 lots (by requiring that such streets not exceed a 16% grade over 50 feet, have a travelway at least 10 feet wide, and maintain a 10 foot by 14 foot unobstructed zone) and private streets serving 3 to 5 lots in the rural areas (by requiring that such streets not exceed a 16% grade over 50 feet, allowing streets having a grade of less than 7% to be gravel, and maintain a 10 foot by 14 foot unobstructed zone); Sec. 14-434 by deleting the exception for certain private streets from the requirement that all on-site improvements be completed prior to approval of the final plat where surety in lieu of completion of the improvements is not authorized. 

10.        ZTA-2008-002. Planned Developments and Neighborhood Model District.  Amend the following sections of Chapter 18, Zoning, of the Albemarle County Code: 3.1, Definitions, to amend and delete several definitions; 8.2, Relation of planned development regulations to other zoning regulations, to change section heading, to clarify the regulations applicable to planned developments (“PD”), to require that waivers and modifications be expressly granted, and to reorganize the section; 8.3, Planned development defined, to revise the definition of “planned development”; 8.5.1, Applications and documents to be submitted, to revise the standards and information accompanying an application to establish a PD district; 8.5.2, Preapplication conferences, to revise the parties in a preapplication conference; 8.5.3, Review and recommendation by the planning commission, to revise the matters considered by the planning commission in acting on an application for a PD district; 8.5.4, Review and action by the board of supervisors, to change section heading and to clarify the documents applicable to a PD upon approval of the PD rezoning; 8.5.5, Final site plans and subdivision plats, to change section heading;, Contents of site plans and subdivision plats, to revise a cross-reference;, Review of site plans and subdivision plats, to provide that when subdivision plats and site plans are reviewed, they shall be reviewed for compliance as follows: (a) if the PD district was established on or before December 10, 1980, the zoning and subdivision regulations currently in effect apply unless vested rights are established; (b) if the PD district was established after December 10, 1980, at the option of the developer, the zoning and subdivision regulations in effect when the PD district was established or those currently in effect apply, provided that if the developer elects the former, six delineated subjects of regulation are not so grandfathered and the developer must comply with current regulations pertaining to those 6 subjects unless vested rights are established; to revise the zoning administrator’s and director of planning’s review for compliance and add the county engineer’s review, to define “applicable regulations,” to declare the applicability of Chapter 17 of the County Code, and to declare that vested rights are not impaired;, Variations from approved plans, codes, and standards of development, to revise the provisions of a plan, code or standard the director of planning may vary, and to authorize the director to require that specified information be provided ;, Building permits and erosion and sediment control permits, to revise references to county officers and bodies and to clarify other clauses;, Site plan and subdivision plat requirements for planned development zoning districts established without an application or application plan, to change the section heading and to clarify the procedure and requirements for reviewing a site plan or subdivision plat where there was no application plan when the PD district was established; 8.6, Amendments to planned development districts, to revise and expand the procedure to amend a PD district by establishing requirements for who is an eligible applicant, submitting a map if the rezoning affects less than the entire district, notice, and factors considered during review; 20A.3, Application requirements; required documents and information, to change the reference from “general development plan” to “application plan” and to provide circumstances when applicant may delay submitting parking and loading needs study until site plan; 20A.4, General development plans, to change section heading and the required elements of an application plan in a neighborhood model district (hereinafter, NMD”); 20A.5, Codes of development, to clarify that any substantive or procedural requirement of the Zoning Ordinance applies in an NMD unless the subject matter is expressly addressed in the code of development (hereinafter, the “code”), to expressly require that the code be in a form required or approved by the director of planning, to change the required elements of a code, and to limit the applicable architectural standards in pre-existing codes to only the new required elements unless determined to be key features; 20A.6, Permitted uses, to change the reference from “general development plan” to “application plan” and to allow a code to provide that any use allowed by right or by special use permit in any other zoning district be a use allowed by special use permit in an NMD; 20A.7, Residential density, to correctly state the formula for calculating residential density in an NMD; 20A.9, Green spaces, amenities, conservation areas and preservation areas, to change references from “site area” to the “area proposed to be rezoned” when calculating the areas of green spaces and amenities; and 20A.10, Streets, to change a reference from “department of engineering and public works” to the “department of community development.

11.        From the Board:  Matters Not Listed on the Agenda.

12.        Adjourn to October 16, 2009, 9:00 a.m., Department of Forestry Building.










6.1        Approval of Minutes.    


6.2        FY 2010 Appropriation.


6.3        Voting Credentials for VACo Annual Business Meeting.


6.4        ZMA-2006-008. Berkmar Business Park; Applicant request for 12-month extension.


6.5        Cancel November 11, 2009 Board of Supervisors’ meeting.



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